Farmers are following the National Organic Standard. Should you only be buying certified organic seed? Organic vegetable varieties are grown using only organic methods. , for example have an inherent tolerance of downy mildew as well as resistance to lettuce bugs.

Does organic soil need fertilizer?

Organic gardening can take more time to manage pests and fertility than conventional gardening. garden walling can be more eco-friendly and more satisfying than traditional gardening. Grow your organic garden to be sure that you are eating organic.

How can I make organic garden soil?

You'll find it best to check your garden daily during peak harvest season. Pick them up fresh if possible. However, if you plan to dry and store them, it is best to wait until they are fully budged. They will have the best flavor.

Generally, the more you harvest, the more your plants will produce for you. Testing your soil is the best way for you to gauge its quality. You can order a home testing kit or send a sample of your crop to your local agricultural extension office. You'll receive a detailed breakdown of pH and nutrient level, along with treatment recommendations, for a modest fee. Make sure to tell them that you are going organic. It is best to test your crops in the fall, and then apply any organic nutrients during winter. This section has everything you need to know about gardening, whether you're just starting out, or you're looking for help with maintenance or troubleshooting.

What are organic pesticides?

There are many ways organic gardening at the home can be beneficial. Look for resistant varieties of seeds and plants when you shop for seeds. Organic seeds are best, but avoid those lake garden that have been chemically treated. (This should be clearly stated on the package. Always purchase organically-raised stems or grow your own.

Fertilizers can also be purchased that meet the requirements of the National Organic Standard. These can be found in most garden centers and through gardening catalogs. To locate products in garden centers, ask personnel which products are used in organic production. Most often, a product will be identified in a gardening catalog as being allowed for organic production.

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