Shell Shockers, also called shellshock. io, is a 3D multiplayer egg-based shooter. In the game, you battle against other on-line gun-toting eggs. Cover Shockers has 3 game modes and even 40+ different routes. Also, it will be now possible in order to fully customize the egg with colors, hats, stamps, in addition to loadout. Go into battle carrying a great Eggk-47, RPEGG, or even a Crackshot. Avoid forget to use the power-ups simply by clicking the chicken-nugget in the base and be certain to crack those other eggs inside battle! In Cover Shockers, you can also discover your KDR (Kill Death Ratio). shell , the greater. Since it implies that you could have more kills than deaths. If you are competitive, compare your own KDR to the friends and ensure the one you have is the top.

shell regarding free on your computer. Simply no download is required, simply play the game directly in your browser. On our site, also you can play Shell Shockers in full-screen mode. Enjoy your own Egg Hunt!

Game Modes
Presently there are 2 teams, a red staff, and an azure team. Work collectively along with your team to be able to kill players regarding the other team. You can only switch teams if the other team has fewer gamers.

Free for All
Most players combat every other. You perform not have to hesitate when you see an ovum, simply shoot at that without thinking. Play the role of the one person most abundant in kills.

Captula the Spatula
This kind of game mode is usually similar to the popular game mode 'capture-the-flag'. However, now the flags are changed with golden spatulas. Steal the spatula of the competitors and return this to yours spatula. This specific mode is furthermore team-based. The spatula will be lowered upon death, pick it up to either restore it or to be able to continue your dropped teammate's journey!

You will discover 7 different primary weapons to be able to choose from; EggK-47 (Assault Rifle), Scrambler (Shotgun), Free Ranger (Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle), RPEGG (Rocket Launcher), Whipper (SMG), Crackshot (Bolt Action Sniper Rifle), Tri-Hard (3-Round Burst Assault Rifle). You will include a Pistol as your secondary weapon. Occurs eggs to get camos and customize your weapons.

Just how many maps will Shell Shockers need?
Shell Shockers presently has 40+ diverse maps to experience, in addition to there are nonetheless new ones coming in.

Are you able to get an invisible covering in Shell Shockers?
Unfortunately this is usually simply a bug... Or perhaps can it be hacked?! Inside that case, we all consider it cutting corners, so we are not heading to tell a person how: ).

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