Succulents are currently having a moment. Because they're so easy to maintain, come in just about every color, and are very adorable, their popularity has been long overdue. What you should know before picking up your next stonecrop or agave plant:

Succubus are native to deserts and dry climates.
Due to their ability to store water in their leaves, succulents first flourished in areas with long dry seasons (such as Africa).

Their leaves are thick and sap-filled, giving them their name.
The word succulent comes from the Latin word sucus, which means juice or sap. These plants thrive in sunlight and dry air, so you only have to water them once a week since they thrive in sun and nutrients from their leaves.

There are about 60 different types of succulent plants.
There are also Xanthorrhoeaceae (which includes aloe vera) and Cactaceae (cacti).

They're available in just about every color of the rainbow.
A succulent can be green, blue, purple, pink, orange, or red.

Generally, succulents are pest resistent.
These plants are so easy to maintain for another reason. If you experience difficulties outside, you may have scale or aphids on your succulent. In an indoor environment, fungus gnats, mealybugs, woolly aphids, or spider mites could be the problem.)

It is possible to grow new succulent plants from succulent cuttings.
It's called propagating. Snip off a succulent leaf, let it dry in the sunlight, and then plant it in dirt and water.

There is propagating string of bananas that succulents are cacti.
Almost all succulents are cacti, but not all cacti are succulents. A cactus is distinguished by its thorns, which are essentially its leaves.

A succulent is named after a donkey's tail.
I think it is quite sophisticated, don't you?

It is essentially a succulent poinsettia.
Their very festive name comes from the fact that they bloom right before Christmas.

We wear succulent jewelry, which grows when worn.
Due to the low-maintenance required for these plants, you can wear them on your wrist, ear, or finger for weeks at a time.

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