Why use a sitemap at all? If you have a small page, the search engine robot will have no problem checking all subpages. However, in the case of large portals or online stores with hundreds of subpages, the scanning process is more complicated. Google does not have the resources to fully scan every large page daily and fully. That is why it is often limited to a dozen, several dozen or several hundred subpages a day. These subpages will not always be appropriate (for example, when you do not have a well-defined indexing strategy), so it is worth doing your best to indicate to the robots scanning the subpages that you care about the most, among other things, sitemap files (sitemap.xml) deal with. What is sitemap.xml? In short, a sitemap is a list of all your site's URLs that should appear as search results. If you want a subpage to be displayed on Google, it should be in the sitemap.xml file, which looks like this: 2019-09-24T14:15:31+00:00 2019-09-10T16:46:04+00:00 2019-09-10T08:57:19+00:00 ...

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