Uni-T is a well-known T-shirt brand in Boston. Founder of this brand Eujin started this brand in her home studio as way to express her messages and art. The motive behind forming Uni-T is  to express creative. The founder of this T-shirt brand wanted to let the people know what is important for them to conduct life.

Uni-T means seeking happiness and meanings that has become senseless in this world. Eujin embellished the t-shirts with complementary artistic designs. This t-shirt shop and art-gallery opened the store later on where in addition to the children’s books, hand-printed t-shirts along with so many other personal creations are available. Uni-T is the place where works of many other local artists are also sold.

You can get hold of affordable Eco-friendly clothing from them. The unit stocks all the locally created products with the theme of “Shop small and local.” The shop is fully-furnished and has invaluable treasures of t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, tote bags and a lot more.

A lot of unique and eco-friendly products are readily available with Uni-T. Uni-T has an eye towards locally handmade pieces. It believes in healthy and eco-friendly living and propagates the same through its t-shirts. Hand-made t-shirts  that look just amazing are readily available here. Feminist graphic tees are one of the most demanded products of Uni-T.

Not only men’s and women’s clothing you can grab kids clothing of your choice from here and unique items like Mermaid tee shirt. There are plenty of things that you can obtain from the shop that are truly unique. Customers crave for the things that are truly unique and hence Uni-T is in the top demand.

There are times when you feel like wearing something which can be truly unique and make you feel that you are solving some purpose with it. Uni-T is your trusted partner and can give you the tees suiting your personality and that are environment friendly in nature. The best thing is that you can buy tees for your whole family from here. Creativity with a purpose is flaunted in all the t-shirts sold by Uni-T.

Business Name: shopuni-t

Address:   122 Western Avenue Studio 304 Lowell MA 01851

City:- Lowell

Postal Code:- 01851

Phone No:-   617-835-8888

Email Id:   info@shopuni-T.com

Website:  www.shopuni-t.com

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