Whether you have purchased a new piece of land or need to clear off your own property, you will need the right equipment and team. This is a project that can be complicated and time-consuming, especially with the many different ways to do it.

Typically, a permit or clearance will be required before starting the clearing process. This is to ensure that the land is cleared in an environmentally responsible way.


Land clearing is a dangerous task that should only be carried out by qualified professionals. They have a set of safety rules that their workers must follow to mitigate accidents and injuries. They also know how to identify underground sewage and water lines so that they do not damage them during the process of clearing.

Besides safety, lot clearing can also increase the visibility of your property. If there are too many bushes and trees growing close together, they can obscure your view of the road or other areas on your property. In addition, they are havens for snakes and rodents. By removing bushes, brush, snags, and select trees from your property, you can make the area more accessible.

The Georgia DOT is implementing "vegetative management projects" along the interstates to improve traffic safety. According to DOT spokeswoman Jill Nagel, 51 percent of single-vehicle fatalities in the state are caused by hitting a fixed object such as a tree or bridge. The DOT is working to clear trees on I-95 that are near the pavement and widen the clear zone so that drivers have a greater chance of avoiding obstacles, Nagel said.

Environmental Impact

Depending on the location of the land, the vegetation that surrounds it and whether or not wildlife inhabits that area, a permit may be required in order to clear it. It’s important to check with local authorities to determine if this is necessary. If so, a licensed clearing company near Atlanta can take care of this for you.

In addition to allowing for growth of plants and trees, land clearing can also help reduce soil erosion. Keeping an overgrown area of land thinned out allows for more access to water and nutrients and helps keep soil healthy.

Keeping Georgia’s forests sustainable for present and future generations will help provide tangible benefits to landowners, communities, and forest industry while protecting vital environmental and ecosystem services that all citizens depend upon. Several issues impact forest sustainability including federal and state tax structures, market conditions, and land valuation. The forestry community is working hard to improve these conditions through policy advocacy and outreach to legislators.


The State of Georgia requires anyone disturbing land to have a Land Disturbance Permit (LDP). Land disturbance includes activities such as clearing, dredging, grading, excavating, transporting or filling. It does not include forestry practices conducted as part of a management plan or reforestation program and does not include construction of single-family dwellings not part of a development.

The LDP application includes a site description, tree drawing and a list of all trees 18” DBH and larger to be removed. The applicant must also provide erosion, sedimentation and pollution control plans.

Unless exempted, the commission may acquire, by purchase or condemnation, such land within the state as it deems necessary. It may also condemn or otherwise obtain fee simple interests in any land that it acquires. The commission shall use such property for forestry, recreation or other purposes as the commission determines. The commissioners may also grant easements for the purpose of conserving such land. A violation of this code section is a misdemeanor.


Land clearing involves using heavy-duty machinery. It requires a trained individual to operate the equipment and ensure the safety of others in the area. It also requires proper maintenance and inspections of the equipment.

Land clearing is a necessary step in preparing your property for construction projects, farming or other uses. It can increase visibility and improve your property’s value by reducing the number of bushes, trees or brush that are overgrown. If you're looking for the highest-rated land clearing company in the region to handle your land clearing service needs, Spartan Enterprise is the ideal option. You can also visit this website for more details

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