The Importance of Inspecting a Crane Boom

The crane boom is an important component of a construction crane. It is responsible for moving the load up, down, and to the right or left. A bidirectional hydraulic motor in the cab controls the boom rotation. This steel arm of the crane is usually made of galvanized steel. A qualified inspector will check the sections of the boom to make sure they are square and straight. This inspection is especially important in the case of a retracted crane.

The boom of a crane is a multifaceted piece of machinery. The lifting capacity of a crane is greatly dependent on the girth of the crane. However, a crane boom is an indispensable tool for any construction site, as it can lift awkward and heavy objects. In construction sites, a crane with a boom is used to hoist weighty equipment or cargo. The crane uses top-grade engineering and technology to lift these heavy objects. The ancient Greeks were the first to use a lever-fulcrum system for lifting large, awkward objects.

When inspecting the crane's boom, an inspector should check the condition of the suspension system. Wire rope pendants can be wire-reel or solid-steel, and articulating systems are pinned together. The manufacturer should give an inspection guide on how to inspect the articulating system. A hose should be inspected for leaks, kinks, and corrosion. A solid-steel pendant should be checked for structural damage and corroded parts.

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