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Hello and welcome again to another JonOfAllGames tutorial. Today I'm going to show you how to install mods in minecraft. Like a minimap with coordinates, and something called inventory tweaks that auto sorts your inventory and chests with a single click or keypress.
1. Go to your start menu, then your user account folder eg. "Jon"
2. click organize, folder options, or go to control panel and folder options.. ClickView/ then click show hidden system files and folders.
3. go into AppData/ Roaming/ .minecraft
4.Download a .rar archive tool such as Winrar http://cnet.co/2AXnxb
5. download Modloader http://bit.ly/xO2U5i Rei's Minimap v3.0_01 http://bit.ly/x9CJXS Inventory Tweaks http://bit.ly/xReRep
6. backup the .minecraft folder to save your single player worlds
7. run minecraft to create new files (only if you want to do a clean install "best chance" at it working correctly)
8. go to .minecraft/bin right click minecraft.jar and open with... look at me never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut . Open modloader with winrar, Highlight all the files in that archive and left click hold drag them to the minecraft.jar archive, ***make sure you arent putting them into a folder in the archive, just in the space where the individual files are. Click Ok when prompted.

Created: 22/06/2022 15:58:16
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