The most coveted crypto for long-term investment, Bitcoin currently presents a grand opportunity for investors aiming to “buy the dip and sell the rip”. The coin started 2022 on a slow note and is currently meandering around $20,000 after the recent crypto market crash in May 2022. Smart investors planning for long-term investment are lining up to buy BTC at low price, hoping for exponential returns after 7-8 years. And that brings up the imminent question- where would we find Bitcoin in 2030? In other words, speculations are rife on whether Bitcoin in 2030 is poised to witness a colossal surge, a surge at all, or is it predicted to blow out.

Let’s see what the experts have to say about Bitcoin in 2030.

Predicted to rise

If you want a basic sketch of the market opinion about Bitcoin in 2030 in one line- well, Bitcoin in 2030 is estimated to experience a colossal surge. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a cakewalk. While the majority of experts have predicted an optimistic picture for Bitcoin in 2030, there is a cause of concern as well.

Below is a snippet of different predictions about Bitcoin in 2030.

Dip after halving trend

Let’s start with the concerns.

Well, some experts have pointed out that Bitcoin in 2030 might foray into a bearish phase. The concern stems from Bitcoin’s typical “dip after halving” trend that the market has been witnessing since the first-ever BTC halving. According to the theory, BTC price had historically tanked after a couple of years of halving.

For example, the first BTC halving took place in 2012. In 2014, the coin lost more than 35% value in Q1. The coin dipped further in both Q3 and Q4, resulting in around 50% loss (cumulative) for the 2nd half of 2014. If you look back, you will find a similar trend in 2018 as well, 2 years after 2nd halving. The coin plummeted by a massive 49.7% in the first quarter as well as 42.2% in the fourth quarter.

The third Bitcoin halving happened in 2020 and Bitcoin is again down in 2022.

2030 will arrive 2 years after the 5th Bitcoin halving that is scheduled for 2028. Based on the historical data mentioned above, some of the experts are apprehensive about a dip for Bitcoin in 2030.

Having said that, the numbers mentioned above only paint a partial picture of the coin’s possible standing in 2030. Also, the “dip after halving trend” is not the exclusive indicator of Bitcoin’s market value after 2 years of every halving session.

Most experts are optimistic

As mentioned previously, the majority of crypto experts are extremely optimistic about the price and market value of Bitcoin in 2030.

Some of the Bitcoin evangelists have predicted that Bitcoin in 2030 might surge up to as high as $734,350. The same group is of the opinion that BTC will reach around $340,400 three years from now (2022).

Another group of crypto experts have also expressed an ambitious projection about Bitcoin in 2030. If their calculations and research are to be followed, Bitcoin in 2030 could shoot up to around $4.94 billion.

Again, two of the esteemed Bitcoin billionaires have famously predicted that Bitcoin in 2030 might reach up to $500,000.

Why is Bitcoin poised to rise?

Based on the discussions above, it won’t be exaggerating to claim that Bitcoin in 2030 is likely to reach a dramatic high. So, what are the factors that are motivating or might motivate the exponential surge for Bitcoin in 2030?

Increasing adoption

Bitcoin has been witnessing a sharp surge in adoption in recent years. Increased adoption leads to higher demand and that eventually pumps up the coin price. In fact, the numbers are expected to increase manifold after 7-8 years, assuring even higher demand for Bitcoin in 2030.

Here is a snippet on some key facts about rising Bitcoin adoption of late-

● According to a leading crypto exchange, number of BTC users is likely to rise to 1 billion in the coming 10 years from 106 million in 2022
● Around 46 million adults in the USA already own BTC units
● Nearly 50 million US adults have shared to participate in crypto investment in 2023 and majority of them will invest in Bitcoin
● Number of Bitcoin ATMs have growth from 14,000 in 2020 to a whopping 34,000 by the last lap of 2021
● Over 15,000 businesses globally use Bitcoin, including both corporate giants and SMBs
● Bitcoin is now being used as a payment method in almost every kind of industry, ranging from travel to flight to retail to tech to finance to home furnishing, and more
● Two countries, El Salvador and Central African Republic, have already conferred legal tender on Bitcoin, accepting the crypto as official currency
● Bitcoin was recently used by Ukraine for war relief crowdfunding campaign

Rise in institutional investment

Bitcoin has been garnering institutional investment in large numbers since the last few years. This year alone the coin received around $95 million from institutional inflow in the early quarter of 2022. Surge in institutional investment enhances confidence in the coin, thereby creating more demand for BTC. Higher demand will lead to a strong surge in price for Bitcoin in 2030.

Scarcity and demand

Around 90% of Bitcoin has already been mined out. It would lead to massive scarcity of the coin in the coming years, eventually resulting in further demand for Bitcoin in 2030.
Wrapping up

If you are looking forward to making the most of the Bitcoin surge in 2030, the smarter thing would be to invest now- when the price is still low.

You can buy Bitcoin from crypto exchanges to make it big with Bitcoin in 2030. Otherwise, there are investment brokers, P2P crypto marketplaces online, as well as Bitcoin ATMs. If are new to the zone, start slow. You can commence your BTC odyssey with as low as $25-$50 and then can gradually rise up to $100-$1000 investment capital over time. The rule of the thumb is to invest no more than 5% of total investment capital, especially if you want to keep it safe.

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