Download the newest launch of the launcher.

Open a terminal window and run:

You are good to go! Yow will discover the Shiginima Launcher below Applications > Video games . Important : Your recreation files, including worlds, mods, shaders, and so forth. will likely be in.

/.var/app/com.teamshiginima.ShiginimaLauncher/data/minecraft/ and never in.

In a terminal window, run:

Moreover, if you want to delete Minecraft itself, together with worlds, mods, shaders, and so forth. you may need to delete this folder as properly:

Constructing & bundling (superior) Clone this repository.

Obtain the ZIP file of the launcher from the official webpage.

Place the zip file ( ) inside the cloned repository.

After it succeeds constructing, you may then create a single-file bundle (the place Shiginima_Launcher.flatpak is the output file):

This patch file simply removes two incompatible Java launch options: -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode and -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC . Though this patch file isn't necessary to make the launcher itself work, it is required to make Minecraft run out-of-the-field, as these two options are incompatible with the Java Runtime model we're using (16).

Shiginima Launcher News.

We apologize for the inconvenience with not having the ability to launch 1.14+ variations.

The issue should be resolved with v4.300.

If you continue to have problems please submit a bug report!

Unable to Play bug.

We are conscious of a bug caused by: duplicate key: null.

and we are engaged on a repair asap.

Thanks for your endurance.


You won’t discover any massive changes for those who launcher was already working easily. Nevertheless, you’ll discover a nice, refreshing darkish theme choice.

Other changes include bugfixes. A full changelog may be seen on the update web page.

We've some cool tasks coming in the next replace! Thanks for utilizing shiginima launcher!

v4.One hundred Hotfix.

Incompatibility with versions below 1.9 has been fastened. Thanks on your patience!

Shiginima SE v4.000 Bug.

We're aware of incompatibility for variations beneath 1.9 that incorporate twitch integration, and are engaged on a sizzling repair at the moment.

We apologize for the inconvenience. For now, if required please minecraft survival servers v3.100 if you happen to would like to play these variations.

Shiginima SE v4.000 launched!

Please report bugs with the link in the sidebar.

Observe: You Must have Java 8 or higher installed for this version of the launcher. Java 8 is required for minecraft 1.13.

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