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Poway Pest Control Company
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For a long time now we have provided what is likely probably the most complete array of pest control services in Poway, California and surrounding areas. We work for residential, commercial, and industrial bug and pest control clients who trust us to eradicate their bug, pest, insect and rodent problems. We try to create our business as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for anything related to the business of pest control, eradication and prevention. Our services are handled in-house without subcontracting, which ensures that all our work is completed to the high standards of health, safety, quality and environmental compliance.
We are able to do everything from commercial sanitizing, disinfecting, technical pest inspections and routine preventative services to heavy bug, and pest infestation clean-outs. We are able to maintain insect screens, doors, curtains, and install electronic fly lights. We provide insect identification and contracted pest management.
Poway Pest Control Company is a friendly, family-owned and operated pest exterminator positioned in Poway, California. We provide professional and discreet pest management for residential and business clients, effective and affordable commercial pest control, and expert bug extermination. Poway, California is a skilled and dependable commercial pest control provider, offering affordable and effective pest control service plans for businesses. When you yourself have trouble with bed bugs, roaches, mice, rats, termites, or any pests, call us at (619) 333-8975 for a totally free consultation.
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11908 Community Rd. #610
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(619) 333-8975
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Open 24hrs
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