It's a sandbox game which involves putting blocks together and launching into adventures.

1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part 2 Update is now available

You can explore and live in endlessly-generated environments with vast open spaces and a myriad of dungeons and enemies. You can explore without being directed to where to go, construct epic dirt mansions or dig a hole to hide from the mobs in. Everything that happens is down to the player.

There are two primary game modes: Survival, in which you have to explore the world, fight off enemies and gather food, then construct a house; and Creative, where you have unlimited resources and are able to build anything your mind can imagine.

Almost every single block in the world can be destroyed through mining, collected and combined on a table of crafting to create new blocks, tools, and even machines.

On the Java Edition of Minecraft there is a large modding community for Minecraft that includes a vast amount of additional content you can install on your server. We currently have over 300 modpacks that can be installed with one click in our control panel and you are able to change them at any time. If Pnp89's Blog want to play isn't on the list, tell us! We'll install it.

Are you not able to play with the Java Edition? Don't worry! We also provide access to the Bedrock version Minecraft on our platform so that you can play on any device.

You'd like to know more about Minecraft? Visit their official website at Minecraft.net.

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