Minecraft servers let players play together instead of alone. Finding servers can be a challenge with the potential reward of collaborative builds, PvP areas, creative challenges and friends. There are many servers around the world that fluctuate with players who move and leave. Some are active for many years, constructing sprawling cities, backstories and lasting relationships. Enjoy your time on the server for as long as you're having fun!

Find the right Minecraft server

Whether you're looking to gather and trade resources in survival or create a character for a role-playing game or get into action-packed mini-games, there's a server out there for you. We suggest filtering by country. The less lag you experience in the game, the closer you are to the server. After that, you can filter by the category or look up keywords that correspond to what you're seeking in an online experience. Based on your preferences in gaming, you might choose to play on an older established server or maybe you'd like to help start a brand new world with a zealous server manager. It is difficult to tell if a server is right until it's.

Java Edition Minecraft Servers

You are currently browsing servers that mostly accept Java Edition Minecraft clients. This is the original version of Minecraft and remains the most flexible server experience. Is it tho Java Edition servers can offer an entirely different experience from the traditional Minecraft. Servers usually employ developers of custom plugins to create an exceptional experience for their players. The modding community is highly skilled and running an effective Minecraft server requires planning, technical expertise and budgeting, and of course active players.

Are you in search of the best Minecraft Servers available?

Check out an alternative Minecraft Servers list to find the perfect multiplayer server for you and your pals. Browse popular server categories like skyblock, survival and prison.

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