Even though we were just about a couple of hours away from home, and hadn't yet left the state, we were not sure of the next step. It was exactly like films about horror, traveling in the dark along the winding roads, surrounded by thick bushes on either side, pretty much a forest. However, we were just a few hours away from home, and we had not yet left the country. This resulted in a delay of several hours. We then discovered that the truck did not have a tire lifter to change the tire. It's likely that one of the previous renters took it or left it unattended.

After a three-hour tire change, we reached our final destination. It was snowing , and eerie silence filled all of the surrounding areas. Then, it was: an avalanche. It brought down an incredible amount of snow directly onto the road. And just for amusement, we were right in the middle of the swirling, white river. Our main concern was to stay clear of getting stuck under the trees, which were partially blown out of the ground and sank into the front of us. Luckily, navigation wasn't completely damaged and we were capable of pushing through the snow. Then we realized we were trapped in the snow for the entire night.

I was aware of where we were going therefore I built 3 Ipads using HULU and Netflix predownloaded shows. I also utilize an online video downloader website to obtain several new episodes from shows I stream on Youtube and Daily Motion. They are from different countries and can't be found through streaming sites. It's very handy to be able to download full-length movies from these sites and store them on my computer for those times when I'm stuck in the forest with nothing to do but waiting. I was not going to let this time slip by without filling it full of visual delights and other amazing TV shows. If we weren't stuck, we would still be watching these shows following packing the cabin. Because the cabin has firewood, drinks, and other essentials making it easy to enjoy the shows. Anyone can take advantage of the hot tub if they so desire. It is right in the bedroom.

It could seem extravagant, but that's what we got. We were able to unwind in the bubbles, despite the long drive. After another day on the Ipad and all the recorded shows were viewed. I was born into television and I can't live without it. I'm aware of people who grew up without TV or decided not to have TV when they became adults, and they miss out on quite a lot.. I don't tell you to place your five-month old infant on the couch and watch it grow. No. But I say for you once in a while couple hours of television is more beneficial than spending two hours of watching your baby.. You'll know the issue.. If you're tired, the memory gets clogged up.. It is hard to parent a child on your own. It's not easy, but it's a noble decision. Everything is good when it's done in moderation. Don't let television raise your child for you, and don't let everyone tell you the TV is not a good thing for your baby. There are a myriad of educational channels on Youtube any baby will benefit from. Try it again, and finally inform me if you don't like it. A refusal from the beginning is not the best move.

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