Why should I live in a home that is energy efficient?

Having an energy-efficient home is becoming increasingly important as energy use becomes a major problem in today's economy. However, it ought to be a significant concern for anyone who pays an electricity bill.

Top ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

  1. Use cool water to wash your clothes. Changing the temperature greatly aids, despite the unappealing sound of this. The heating of the water consumes 90% of the energy used during the wash cycle. Running the machine uses only 10% of the energy. Please remember that changing the wash temperature is not a big deal because detergent designed for cool water has been made by companies to help save energy.


  1. Disconnect your chargers! Everyone makes the mistake of leaving appliances plugged in when they're not using them, especially chargers for cell phones and Kindles. You know what, though? It consumes energy. At least 10% of your electricity bill is made up of plugged-in equipment that isn't in use. Although $5 to $10 may not seem like much now, they add up over time.


  1. Adjust the HVAC system. A thorough tune-up will guarantee that everything is in excellent working order. In addition to lowering your energy bill, this will help you avoid needless and expensive future expenses like replacing your furnace. If you could just have your HVAC system checked yearly, that would save you $10.00. For your heating needs, visit our other service pages. We even conduct home energy audits!


  1. Fill in any gaps and draughty windows. In terms of energy conservation, most people don't take this into account. Energy use increases due to draughty windows. Wintertime makes this more obvious as the cold seeps into your home and causes you to raise your thermostat. Your bill is impacted by that temperature rise. Remember that heating and cooling your home accounts for about 45% of your energy bill.


  1. Shut off any inactive lights. Even though it should go without saying, many people frequently forget to turn off their lights. It's simple to take off quickly and leave the lights on. Even though turning them off won't cost you anything, it might make a small but noticeable difference.

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