The city of Tulsa is known for its music scene and Art Deco architecture, but the city also has a lot of pest problems. Cockroaches spread diseases, rodents chew through pipes and electrical wiring, and stinging insects like bees, wasps and hornets can cause painful and dangerous reactions in some people. Pest infestations can affect the health and safety of residents, reduce home value and lead to costly repairs.

Choosing the right Tulsa pest control company is crucial to protecting your family and property. Different companies specialize in different types of pests and may have specific methods for treating each type of problem. Some also offer additional services such as termite inspections, bed bug treatments and lawn care. Look for a company with the proper licenses, insurance and service guarantees. You should also check online reviews and ask about contract requirements, eco-friendly products and any available discounts.

Rodents: Rats and mice can spread diseases, contaminate food and damage buildings with urine and feces. They also gnaw through wires and plastic pipes. Tulsa pest control companies can help prevent rodents by clearing out cluttered areas and sealing cracks and gaps in walls and foundations. Rodents can also be attracted to trash, bird droppings and other contaminated waste.

Termites: Tulsa pest control experts can find and treat termite colonies before they destroy wooden building materials. They can also provide regular inspections to prevent future infestations. Some companies use bait systems to kill the termites rather than using toxic chemicals in homes.

Spiders: There are many nonvenomous spider species that live in Tulsa, but venomous ones such as brown recluses and black widows can create medical issues. While most spiders live outdoors, they can infest indoor areas by laying eggs in insulation and crawling through cracks in the walls and floors.

Boxelder bugs: While these nuisance insects don’t bite, they are a bothersome nuisance that invades homes during the fall and early spring when they start to emerge from their overwintering beds. Tulsa pest control professionals can remove these bugs from your home, garden and other outdoor spaces.

Other pests:

Other common pests in Tulsa include silverfish, crickets, flies and beetles. Some can cause allergic reactions in some people, and others damage the wood of houses and other structures. Pest infestation can lower a home’s value and make it difficult to sell. It is important to call Tulsa pest control professionals immediately if you see any of these creatures in your house or yard.

At Midwest Pest Control, we are dedicated to the customers we serve. With over 100 years of experience in the pest control industry, we are proud to provide quality pest management services to local homes and businesses in Oklahoma. Serving Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Stillwater, and Miami, our comprehensive pest control coverage will solve all your pest problems to protect your family and your business.

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