Download Minecraft with a working Xbox Live: go to the Mangrove Swamp, find blocks and mud block bricks!

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The developers have prepared an amazing update for all Minecraft PE users. In the Deep Dark biome, players can now meet a terrible creature. The name of the creature is The Warden.

The very name of his character evokes terror and fear in anyone who has heard something about him. You'll be amazed at his talents and no one will be able to ignore him.

Mangrove Swamps

Finally, the players can go to the Mangrove Swamp in Minecraft This biome is unique and allows you to find trees and blocks not typically found. Mangrove trees can be found in beautiful areas.

In this area, players can also find dirt, mud blocks bricks made from mud, and packed mud.

Terrible horror

In the arsenal of The Warden, there are many capabilities, due to which virtually no victim will be able to kill him. Motorsnmore Due to vibrations the creature can move within the space of Minecraft PE

And, by the way, he has a very good sense of smell, which The Warden uses to find his victim. If you see him sniffing around, be cautious.

The mobs are located in the Ancient City and Deep Dark biomes. At first glance, players may not see them, but everyone should be as attentive as possible.

Because they are always somewhere underground. They are alerted by screamers and If there are enough noises, The Warden will attack.

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