~~Sibling Sex~~


One fine, quiet evening Sonic and Sonia were stood facing each other.


“Sonic, no….we….we can’t…” she weakly huffed.


Sonia’s feeble attempt to stop her brother from running his hands over her curves fell on deaf ears. Sonic’s hands were too busy now, focused on feeling and squeezing the sexy body of his sister.


Sonia, enjoying the increasingly intimate and taboo situation simply closed her eyes, took a deep breath and happily accepted that it was far too late for either of them to stop. “Damn it, Sonic.” She thought to herself, “…how did this happen?”




Less than five minutes prior, Sonic had entered his sisters bedroom just to make sure she was alright. He had noticed that Sonia had been a little low in spirits all day and, in a show of simple brotherly concern, had taken a seat beside her on the bed.


“Hey sis,” he cheerily began, beaming a nice smile her way; “How’s business?”


Sonia, happy for the company, faced her brother. “Oh, I’m fine Sonic. How are you and Manic doing?”


“We’re both good in the hood, sis. He’s busy beating the crap outta his drums. But c’mon, what’s buggin’ ya? Anything I can help out with…?”


Sonia had to admit defeat. “Is it that obvious, huh?”


Sonic nodded.


Sonia continued. “It’s….just….well….it’s nothing really. I’m just…it’s been a difficult few weeks. Even more than normal. And now that I’ve had a moment to stop and rest, I dunno…I guess I’m just tired from all the constant running.”


Sonic smiled again. “Heh. Who could ever get tired of that?”


Sonia gave a weak smirk back. “Yeah, I suppose it’s not easy for you to understand. But, don’t you ever feel like we’re never going to escape from all this?”


Sonic took a second to ponder his sister’s concern. “Hey sis, I know it’s been rough but it’s gonna be worth it in the end, right? Just gotta take life as it comes sometimes, ya’know.”


“Yeah, you’re right Sonic.” Sonia leaned in to her brother for a reassuring hug. “I appreciate you checking up on me too.”


Sonic blushed a little from the rare close contact and sweet words.


“heh, well.…anytime sis…” he nervously sputtered.


Sonic felt a warm and soft sensation on his forehead. Sonia had leaned in to give her brother a gentle peck. As she pulled back, Sonic realised he could feel something unusually cushioned. His hand had accidentally slid around his sisters slim frame as their hug ended and most of his palm was now placed across one of her breasts.

A few silent seconds passed before Sonia took notice of Sonic’s dumbstruck face. Her vision traced downwards and she suddenly realized she was being groped. “Ahem.” She grunted in annoyance.


Sonic snapped from his brainfog and swiftly pulled his hand away. “Oh damn, I didn’t mean, I mean it felt…uh I- I didn’t mean to feel your…”


Sonia giggled, not used to hearing her normally overconfident brother sputter so incoherently. “You’re alright…” She stood up “Just be careful next time.”


Sonic, still a little embarrassed, stood too. “uh, yeah, sorry.”


“You dummy.” Sonia teased, pulling Sonic into another hug. Sonic’s heartbeat had increased and he was now aware of his sister. Aware of her sweetness, her smell, her beauty and her body. Sonic, being a little uneducated compared to his other siblings, didn’t know how to process these new, intense feelings.


Their hug separated once more. Before Sonia could get a word out, Sonic pressed his lips against hers. It was only a short kiss, but the silence afterwards seemed to last forever.


Sonia was the first to speak. “….Sonic…you…you’re my brother…”

”So?” Sonic frankly responded. “It felt good, right?”


She didn’t want to admit it, but it had. She nodded. “But…siblings can’t…normally... do…”


Sonic impatiently leaned in for their second kiss. This time, both hedgehogs were able to enjoy it a little more, with Sonia letting out a soft moan. Her brother was an unexpectedly good kisser!


As they finished, Sonic looked his sister straight in her big, beautiful eyes. “Sometimes…you’ve just gotta take life as it comes.” Sonic’s hands had already started their journey of discovery, with one hand gently caressing his sisters perky breast again and the other sliding down her hips and around to her perfect buttocks.


Due to the mix of shock and pleasure, Sonia could only stand there and allow this to happen. There was no denying that as siblings they had always been close but this was crossing a line. Sonia however, needed to feel something. After weeks of close-calls and emotional turmoil from their daily search-and-survival routine, she was glad to be feeling something nice. Something comforting. And there was no denying that she truly loved her brothers.


Breathing heavily from all the erotic contact, Sonia made one final plea to Sonic.  “Sonic, no….we….we can’t…” she weakly huffed. If he didn’t stop now then she was going to make the most of it. Sonic carried on exploring his sisters body, his mind blank and his actions running on pure instinct and fresh lust, unaware of the social taboo they were about to commit.


Sonia leaned in for their third kiss, the hottest one yet. She slipped her tongue into her brothers mouth and smiled when he moaned back from the pleasure.


Breaking for air and desperate to see more, Sonic effortlessly unclasped Sonia’s belt, watching intensely at it fell to the ground taking her purple skirt with it. Sonia wordlessly removed her keyboard-charm necklace, throwing it gently onto the pile at her feet, and then her tight red top, lifting it up and over her head, her perky breasts bouncing with the movement.


Sonic, his eyes wide open in an attempt to suck in the sexy view, kept his hands on his sister’s hips as she leaned in close for more wet, hot kisses.


Sonia pulled back for a moment, her hands clasped around the side of her brother’s head. “Listen to me, Sonic” she quietly commanded, “What we’re about to do…this is only for tonight, understand?”


Sonic, not really comprehending, simply nodded and threw his head forwards into Sonia’s perky bosom. Enjoying the cool softness of her sexy breasts, Sonic nuzzled his sister, bringing his hands up to grope them some more. Sonia wrapped her arms around her brothers head, enjoying their new intimacy.


Sonic’s mouth found his sister’s nipples and he began to rigorously suck on them. Sonia’s moans filled the room as Sonic’s hands tightly grabbed her ass.




In another room across the house, Manic had just finished up his routine drumming session. As his drum kit powered down back into his neckcharm, he heard what sounded like a scream. Without hesitation, he swiftly ran to investigate.


Manic always had a lustful eye for his hot sister and would often sneak peeks of her showering through the bathroom keyhole. Although never bold enough to try anything sexual towards her, he had no problem kneeling there and jerking off.

The sight he came across would be burned into his memory forever. Through a thin gap in the doorway, he could see his brother Sonic doing lewd things with their sister.


“Son of a bitch” he thought to himself in a mix of shock, intrigue and mild jealousy.

Silently he kept low and inched towards the gap, happy to observe his brother and sister continue their incestual liaison without interruption.




Whilst Sonic was making himself familiar with his sister’s breasts and butt, Sonia had removed her boots, gloves and panties. Sonic wasted no time in using his fingers to stimulate Sonia’s delicate, wet pussy, enjoying the shudders and sounds his sister was making each time he grazed past her clit.


At the same time, Sonia had taken a light grip of Sonic’s erect dick and was slowly stroking it. After some more passionate kisses, Sonia sat down on her bed. She leaned forward and placed a single, soft kiss on the tip of her brother’s throbbing penis. Sonic moaned aloud from how good it felt so she did it again. And again. And then decided to stop teasing and wrap her mouth around the entire head, carefully sucking his dick. Using one hand to push her hair out of the way, Sonia sucked off her brother as his hips lightly thrust in sync with her own motions.


Not wanting Sonic to blow his load just yet, Sonia came to a stop. Still sat on the edge of the bed, she leaned all the way back. “Come to me, brother…” she gently coo’d.


Sonic silently obliged, quickly slipping his shoes off and carefully climbing on top of his horny sister.


Sonia stroked the side of Sonic’s head, enjoying their closeness and preparing herself for what was about to happen. Sonic leaned down and, with one breast in hand, kissed her some more, their moans filling the air.


Sonia leaned up a little, taking hold of her brother to guide him to her dripping entrance. Sonic wasted no time and steadily thrust deep inside his sister, his cock sending a shockwave of delight to them both. Sonia cried out with pleasure as Sonic increased his speed, fucking her pussy hard and fast.


Within seconds, Sonic came, shuddering in his sisters arms and moaning into her ear.


Sonia held her brother tight. “Shhh, it’s alright, everything is alright…” she whispered. “I love you, Sonic.”


“I…I love you too, sis.” Sonic managed to grunt out whilst still catching his breath.



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