It comes in single, double, kingsize and super kingsize so perfect for any type of bed. Their Supremely Washable duvet range offers light, printed duvets that can apparently be washed and dried in one day. I can any never trace with 15 tog duvets as it finds them like this heavy, and to seat likes he has the weight of tonne on me, especially in my legs and @@@cofre. Obviously, trying cram the measure of king duvet behind to the stock exchange a measure of the box of shoe is utter madness. So much, I finalise partorisca decide to the mark warm up. Any tonight this in spite of reason have it has had already the boot has come.
  • Definitely recommend, so soft and luxurious – well worth the investment.
  • With a lightweight surface you’re guaranteed to be cool yet comfortable.
  • Still although it is cold and yes it begins some prejudices animates under a duvet.
  • As well as the above standard sizes, we offer a Silentnight super king duvet with a tog rating of 10.5.

It’s made of hypoallergenic materials that are also machine washable for easy cleaning. Plus, it keeps you cool while you sleep, avoiding dreaded night sweats. This duvet is made up of one 4.5-tog duvet and a second nine-tog duvet. Both are filled with duck down and can be buttoned together or used separately, depending on how warm — or cool — you want to be while catching some shut-eye.
Definitely recommend, so soft and luxurious – well worth the investment. High quality at a low price, definitely worth a look. We personalise your sales to find you the best deals from your favourite brands.
Was the little apprehensive roughly ordering this product after looking in a description of photo is where has suffered harm or soiled but am really happy has not left this place was. It could not be happier with quell'I has taken, was a lot of packaged with absolutely any harm. It was sceptical roughly buying, this in spite of love it. All mattress sizes given are approximate and stated sizes refer to the sleeping surface only. Mattresses sizes may vary slightly from their stated dimensions due to manufacturing tolerances, please allow +/- 2 inches .
A coverage is soft and any rustle when moved. Regarding a quality; it is quite light for the 13.5 tog. Probably reason a coverage is economic and any cotton of quality, which would expect you for the moderately priced duvet.


Choosing a good pillow comes down to personal preference (are you a down pillow gal or a firm memory foam pillow fan?!) and sleeping style. Bamboo is like the new cotton, and this brand, Panda, works with sustainably grown bamboo that’s organic as well. But this sheet set isn't just good for the environment, it's also super soft and cosy. Its natural fibres even help regulate your temperature while you snooze. While not too thick, this topper helps create a more comfortable sleep surface.

Silentnight Recycled Eco Comfort 10 5 Tog Duvet

But it's equally important for keeping you warm on a cold one, because it's the warmed-up air inside a duvet that you rely on to keep you toasty. Silentnight has set out to achieve this through perforated 'air-mesh' walls, which line the duvet's edges and provide maximum breathability and circulation. The Airmax also houses a pocket of air between its layers, providing extra insulation. Shake and air it occasionally to loosen up any filling that has bunched or slightly compacted over time. This is particularly important with natural filled duvets but less so in synthetic ones as the filling has a construction that ensures it stays evenly distributed. The tog rating of a duvet essentially measures the ability of the duvet – without a cover – to trap air.
It's comfortable, safe, and most importantly, warm. That's the case if you have the right kind of duvet anyway. But getting our hands on the Silentnight Airmax Duvet has made us reconsider. Because not only is this a very well made duvet, it boasts a surprisingly thoughtful and forward-looking design too. In fact, this product got us quite excited – it's amongst the best duvets we've tried. Read our Silentnight Airmax Duvet review to find out why...
It was happy of the recommend to any one looking for the good, warm, a lot-does duvet. Has bought this partorisca my lovely woman any partorisca read but partorisca a sofa in some evenings. You know the one who the feet of some partner celery like this of the blockades of gel cold? It is not a understatement partorisca say this has saved ours falls slept in a sofa while I then dipped in any one wants to.
Sides are finished with wool or cotton, so you can flip for the most comfortable filling as the seasons change. Everything is kept firm and bouncy with the help of high density titanium alloy springs. Each mattress is totally recyclable as there’s no glue used at all. If you don’t want to sacrifice the support of a pocket spring in your quest for a plant-saving mattress, look to Button & Sprung. The sleep specialist rejects foam fillings, instead using naturally-filled chemical-free mattresses to boost sleep quality.

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