Secure your Child’s Career Today- Admission at Top Notch Nursery in Dubai

One of the best Nursery schools built near City Walk, in the heart of Dubai, Westfield Nursery vouch for providing an authentic career path for the children's personalized inquiry-based learning. Here, students will get their hands with the best learning experiences that cover the library, sensory room, playground, as well as outdoor gaming space. This unique mode of teaching coupled with the best faculties is the most desirable thing for a student at the initial learning phase. So, come, check the criteria for Nursery admission, and get your children admitted to our institution for the best learning experience. Bygone were the days when you need to worry about the safety and security of your children. Let’s glance at the major attributes of why nursery is perfect for the little bean.

Building up for High School

Nursery schools in Dubai give the premise to socialize with kids and adults far away from the home. This will help in garnering different social skills. It will help in building the mindset from childhood and adapt to work in diverse conditions.

Physical Growth

Nurseries in Dubai such as Westfield Nursery offer plentiful options for self-development and growth. Be it crawling or jumping, your child will get exposed to various opportunities to nurture and develop various body parts through sports and events. 

Making Childrens more Jovial

In order to socialize with friends of the same age, it is necessary to admit your kid to good nursery schools. If you want your kid to get admitted to the best nursery skills, then Westfield Nursery can be the best option for you. These social skills will help in the long run. Toddlers will be happy after getting the right companion and will love to play around.

Gives Freedom and Independence

While growing up, children learn to develop certain skills and want to enjoy freedom to explore more. If you know the criteria for Nursery Admission in Dubai, you can connect with us. Here, students will get indulged in day-to-day activities helping them to try various things. It helps the toddlers to garner confidence.

Why Choose us?

Course Structure

Here at Westfield Nursery, students are taught using British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS). Music and additional languages comes as a part of curriculum.

Fee Structure

The nursery section opens at 7:30 am morning and closes at 5:30 pm. It operates throughout the year to support both working as well as non-working families. The nursery section also provides flexible timings on the basis of which you can choose.


We provide safe and stimulating class room program where students gets the opportunity to expose various things and learn to adapt in diverse situations. Here childerns will get the opportunity to work with kids of different nationalities irrespective of gender or race. 

Age & Section

If you are still worrying about the age groups, then Westfield Nursery will get you covered. Here students ranging from 4 months of age to 4 years of final class can attend for the FS1 (Foundation Stage Preparation). The toddler class is specially designed for the childrens from 1-2 years of age.

Call Back Request

You can reach out to us if you like to know more about the Criteria for Nursery Admission. To get all these details, you need to fill out the application form and one of the officials will get back to you. You can also reach out to us via different social media channels. Our customer support executive is active round the clock. Therefore, if you have any query you can drop a message or an email. Connect with us today and give a good kickstart to your child’s career through our top quality education.

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