Dress up games are important games for both boys and girls. The game allows children to use their imagination and creativity to act out various roles. It helps them develop maturity and understanding for others as they leave their familiar persona behind and temporarily become someone else. Playing dress up at school is no exception, though you should stick to the basic roles that will not offend any child’s family or heritage.
Playing a restaurant dress up game gives kids plenty of options for “characters” to play: chefs, servers, diners, hosts and musicians or restaurant entertainers. Boys and girls can play any of the parts and will get crafty making up various dishes to serve and eat. Turn classroom tables and desks into restaurant tables with white fabric and plastic ware. Be sure to get a chef’s hat for all the kitchen chefs - no game of restaurant dress up is complete without that hat. Diners can get fancy in suits, dresses and high heels, or keep it casual. Let the kids name the restaurant and decorate the room as well to add more imagination to the game.
Mom and Dad for a Day
Dressing up as Mom and Dad is a common game for all kids. Bringing Cause We All Love Games into the classroom allows the children to act as their parents without their parents’ supervision, so the kids are free to act out the role more openly. Ask the kids to bring in specific clothing that their parents wear (but not necessarily wear often, as the clothing may get ruined during the game). Shoes and formal attire are especially fun for the kids to wear. Have each child act out a day in the life of Mom or Dad according to what the kids think. For example, what does Dad do when he leaves for work? The children’s interpretations will provide for some creative and humorous takes on a day in the lives of their parents.
School is certainly an appropriate theme for dress up games at school. Let each child pick an adult role from your school, or an imaginary one. Potential roles includes classroom teachers, principals, gym teachers, coaches, bus drivers, janitors, lunchroom chefs and even students. Let the children act out a typical day at school. The “teachers” can even give tests to the students. This game is comic relief from regular stresses of life at school for you and the kids. It also promotes a sense of school spirit.

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