Lip Fillers - New Jersey

If you are looking for a natural-looking solution to thin lips, consider lip augmentation at HerSpace MedSpa. Using various dermal fillers, they can give you plump, natural-looking lips. Depending on the desired result, they will use different types of fillers. Their experience and extensive training make them an ideal candidate for lip injection.

Juvederm is a water-soluble dermal filler. It is biodegradable and not harmful to the body. It is also not toxic to pregnant or nursing women, nor to those under 18 years of age. Patients should consult their doctor about whether they are a good candidate for lip fillers. It is important to understand that some patients may experience allergic reactions to older dermal injectables, which are made from animal products. With JUVEDERM XC, doctors use a special gel containing lidocaine to enhance the patient's comfort. The entire process takes about fifteen to forty-five minutes. Most patients are comfortable and can go back to their normal daily activities after the procedure.

The best preparation for lip fillers NJ is a good day before the procedure. Apply an ice pack on the lips before the procedure. This helps to reduce swelling and numbs the area. Before the injection, patients should wear lipstick or lip liner that matches the color of their natural lips. This will help the doctor match the color to the desired shade. Bringing your favorite lip gloss or lipstick will ensure you look as good as your friends.

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