Please DO NOT! post questions that break runescape rules, these Include:- Questions relating to Bots / Macros.- asking for things that run on other scripts/sour
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What is the best way to earn money from home?

Hi there. There's many ways. From sites that pay you to perform tasks and surveys, to freelancing gigs, ( transcriber, data entry, web design...), to content cr
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Where do you become a dragon slayer in adventure quest worlds?

you must do all the quests in vasilisks lair. you can get there by typing /join lair the hardest part is u gotta kill red dragon 8 times. if u want help doing t
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What do hellhound drop in non-members runescape?

Hellhounds can be accessed by non-members, however non-member drops are little to none, being nothing but bones and coins. For members, Hellhounds drop Bones, L
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What are skill levels and types of skills?

skill levels just mean how good you are while playing sport and types of skills are basically the type of skill needed for a particular sport.For example you ne
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How to make money onlineWhat is the best way?

Asked by WhatIsTheBest

Give people what they want! That’s it, that’s how you make money. You don’t need to find the next billion-dollar idea to make money. runescape One needs to understand tha
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Cheat Codes

Where can you download wil ones ultimate hack v1.2?

You can't cheat on Runescape. Period. I'm not lying, haha.__That program is an obvious key-logger/virus..Please do not post the names of illegal and/or harmful
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What monsters drop rune gear?

Rune Platebody-Animated rune armour, General Graardor, Kalphite Guardian, Revenant dragon, Sergeant Grimspike, Sergeant Steelwill, Sergeant Strongstack, Steel d
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How do you change your hair color in Runescape?

You may change your hair by going to the Hairdresser in the Falador barber shop located just north of the west most bank. You may also change your hair by using
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Where is the Temple of Paterdomus located in RuneScape?

Asked by Wiki User

Near east of falador take the west bank north and walk straight until u see a magic tree

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