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Chapter 1221 - Golden Gun knife committee
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‘Killed Terror-level creature, Wonderful Combat G.o.d Level I. Learned Dimensional Crystal.’
Before Zhou Wen could behave, an opening in the blood vessels-shaded avatar’s go blasted open. Its brain skyrocketed plus the telephone screen proceeded to go dark.
Zhou Wen tried out by using teleportation once more, but he was similarly can not teleport through. Even spatial teleportation was blocked by some push.
Thank goodness, I am in-online game. Zhou Wen secretly rejoiced which he hadn’t moved into this dungeon in person. The one that experienced wiped out him having a bullet was most likely a Calamity-grade being.
Speed: 94
Velocity: 94
‘Killed Terror-level being, Golden Challenge G.o.d Symbol I. Identified Dimensional Crystal.’
Coming from the seems from it, it is impossible to utilize the Stainless steel Secure to get rid of the other Stainless steel Guards. I will use only it elsewhere in the foreseeable future. Zhou Wen had to keep on using the Asura Saber to kill the Stainless steel Guards that hurried in.
As Zhou Wen was asking yourself how he could enter into, a security alarm sounded above among the exterior doors.
The Gold Conflict G.o.d here obtained potent offensive sturdiness and very powerful security. Its performance wasn’t sluggish either. It turned out thought of an extremely strong Terror-grade dimensional being.
Regrettably, absolutely nothing lowered this time, departing Zhou Wen somewhat frustrated.
Prior to he could accomplish absorbing it, he listened to one other security alarm. Another Fantastic Combat G.o.d walked out from one other entrance. He was very similar to the Gold Struggle G.o.d Symbol I from before, but the golden firearms on his hands were somewhat distinct.
At last soon after eradicating greater than a hundred Precious metal Guards, no new Precious metal Guards poured in. Zhou Wen desired to wander over the six entry doors.
Following being released, he began firing on the blood vessels-colored avatar crazily. Bullets with golden beams rained upon the blood flow-decorated avatar.
Part of the great guard’s mind was sliced off of, disclosing numerous stainless steel components—but it didn’t immediately die.
Just after doing damage to the glowing energy source with a single reach, the glowing secure ultimately collapsed.
Existence Providence: Steel Everyday life
Daily life Heart and soul: Stainless steel Armour
An Explorer's Adventures in Tibet
Prior to he could accomplish absorbing it, he been told one other alarm system. One other Gold Challenge G.o.d walked out of a different door. He was very similar to the Great Challenge G.o.d Tag I from well before, though the gold firearms as part of his palm were actually somewhat distinct.
Thank goodness, the 3rd Great Struggle G.o.d promptly sprang out. These Gold Conflict G.o.ds searched very similar. They couldn’t hint Zhou Wen in any way prior to being wiped out.
Nonetheless, the Stainless steel Guard’s injury rapidly restored. The aluminum bullets were definitely completely unproductive against him.
D'Argent Honor - Eternal Triangle
Velocity: 71
Just one Great Battle G.o.d just after an additional was destroyed by Zhou Wen. Whenever the Glowing Combat G.o.d that walked out of your sixth entrance was wiped out by Zhou Wen, a Associate Egg dropped.
Border Raids and Reivers
Velocity: 71
Just after wrecking the glowing power source with just one come to, the wonderful guard lastly collapsed.
Lastly following killing more than a hundred Metal Guards, no new Aluminum Guards poured in. Zhou Wen desired to move from the six doorways.
Wheel of Future: Bullet Surprise
On the other hand, facing Zhou Wen who was great at teleportation and had potent offensive power, these Gold Combat G.o.ds had been basically lambs being slaughtered.
The Great Conflict G.o.d here obtained strong offensive durability and intensely sturdy shield. Its speed wasn’t slow frequently. It absolutely was viewed as an extremely impressive Terror-level dimensional being.
Zhou Wen used working with teleportation once again, but he was similarly incapable of teleport through. Even spatial teleportation was clogged by some push.
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Companion Type: Steel Submachine Rifle
Const.i.tution: 80
Terror transformation: Gold Battle G.o.d
Samuel Johnson
The garments had been naturally not the jog-of-the-mill clothes, but a superior-tech combat standard. This battle standard was typically employed for normal soldiers. It had been basically pointless for people at Zhou Wen’s stage.

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