In this short topic, we will help you master the techniques of Nightmare Zone through OSRS Mobile. Every gamer knows that practice plays a crucial role in defeating enemies. It improves our skill levels, builds motivation, and allows our minds to build strategies gradually. Besides that, it helps us gain more knowledge about Nightmare Zone, enabling us to understand the story’s flow.

According to professional Nightmare zone gamers, regular training using OSRS Mobile has helped them improve agility and reaction time. It also enabled them to concentrate more on the opponent and increase self-esteem.

However, Nightmare Zone training varies with specific individual needs. You have to give more focus on those areas that need more improvements. If you are an extremely dedicated player, you will surely master Nightmare Zone in no time.

OSRS Mobile will allow you to train your skills on-the-go, and has unique interfaces built and specially reworked for mobile. You’re going to want to take advantage of that: whether you’re on the train or sofa!

With that said, you’re going to have issues performing some of the same things you do on PC, hence the need for this guide. For instance, tick manipulation, with methods that involve 3-tick or 2-ticks, can be challenging to pull off due to misclicking rather than having a precise mouse. The same goes for prayer flicking before getting a lot of experience.

Instead of playing casually every day, spend your time learning new techniques and movements using OSRS Mobile. You can practice with good players, too.

According to professionals, training with newbies will not make you a better gamer. You are only as successful as the squad that you are playing with. Thus, look for people who have more experience than you and join them. This way, you can push your muscle memory to become faster.

Combat Training - Melee/Range

As long as you’ve unlocked the Nightmare Zone, you can train your combat stats efficiently. If you aren’t quite at the Nightmare Zone level, head to Sand Crabs on Hosidius House’s beach. Once you’ve found a spot with 3 or 4 crabs, you mostly only have to pay attention around every ten minutes. When you run away to reset the crab’s and make them aggressive towards you, so the method is fully AFK - combined with the fact they are level 15 and have 60 hit points while having low attack/defence.

Once you have Nightmare Zone, you can train with whatever monsters you like on customized mode. Hard mode rewards more points, and the monsters only have more HP.

With a rock cake, overloads, and absorptions (not prayer), you only have to check the game every 5 minutes, and rock cake down now and then.

Tip: With that said, overloads can be slightly annoying as if you miss the overload dose, you’re straight up to 51+ HP, and your absorption points can easily be wasted, and you can die quickly. Hence, Super Combat potions are highly recommended. Their effects last far longer, and there’s no worry if you don’t re-pot, though it is recommended around every 8 minutes.

While Super Combat Potions are far more expensive, you will make your money back if you buy herb packs every day and open them. The only downside to this method is there’s a limit to how many herb packages you can buy per day, and you will only recover your money from the Super Combats in the long-term.

With Super Combats, training attack/defence/strength becomes one of the best skills to train in OSRS Mobile.

Practising combat training at OSRS Mobile is very convenient. It is the easiest way to train your brain when it comes to decision-making and improving reaction time towards the opponents. According to EXTREMEMINING , OSRS Mobile has become a safe place for the Nightmare Zone player’s trial and error. It provides a comfortable environment where you can experiment and discover new strategies.

Besides that, this platform can increase your NMZ knowledge and confidence through repeated practice while waiting for a friend, commuting for work, or lying on your bed. You can practice your combat skills anywhere since you are not tethered to your computer. All you have to put through is to download and install it. What makes it more convenient is that you don’t have to worry about massive patches or pay any money to apply.

Magic Training

With any NPC and a negative magic bonus by wearing items such as full metal (e.g., Rune) armour, your spells will fail to hit the NPC and you can auto-cast any spell you like. One of the best ways to splash is through a Kraken slayer task.

Splashing is far more effective than training at NMZ and far more AFK. You will continue to splash for 20 minutes, and after that, you will be logged out for inactivity. Hence, clicking anywhere (such as changing tabs) allows you to stay logged in. Each time you click, the 20-minute timer restarts. It is especially helpful if you’re unable to pay attention and keep checking back to see if the tree’s finished cutting, such as if you’re watching TV. Plus, you can do this anytime you don’t usually play OSRS, as clicking once every 20 minutes is not playing!

OSRS Mobileis the best place for magic training since its portability can help you focus on improving your analysis and comprehension. This application is effortless to use, so you will not get distracted by difficult control and several clicks. Also, you can easily invite your NMZ friends to train. We can guarantee that they will love this app, too! Once they have learned something, they can share it with you. Thus, keep an open mind and implement the techniques and skills they teach you.

Farm Runs

One of the best things to do on OSRS Mobile is to train your farming. With this skill, all you’re doing is substantially following a relaxed, casual routine, but are rewarded heavily with in terms of experience/gold. There is no risk of dying to any monsters, or you have to check back on things continually.

If you’re short on cash, a herb run can easily net you 150k in profit while giving some respectable experience. Use ultra-compost for the best advantages. Do fruit/tree runs if you’re looking for adventure.

Tip: make a tab for farming with the necessary teleports dependent on your run. The search function is slower on mobile with a virtual keyboard.

Birdhouse Runs (Hunter)

One run takes around 2-5 minutes, and you can quickly profit 80k+. These can be done every 50 minutes, and gives you a lot of hunter experience! You will need to complete Bone Voyage and have a Digsite Pendant to do this effectively.

The hunter experience is beneficial as it allows you to skip many mundane methods in levelling hunter.


Thieving can be a very lucrative moneymaker. The same method for Ardy knights applies. You trap a knight, he remains in the same spot, and you change NPC attack options to a right-click. With this method, all you have to do is keep tapping the same place. While you will get coin pouches, these take a while to accumulate, and you have an “open all” option as well. They are a deterrent to auto-clickers. However, it will not affect your exp rates at all!

Even though you have to focus on more significant NMZ areas, it is sometimes useful to train yourself with different skills like thieving. If you want to become the best Nightmare Zone player, you might want to learn more about this area. If you don’t do it often, just learn it, not master it. By practising NMZ’s thieving process, you can quickly earn more money and increase your exp.


While you can also train the fletching skill through any method you like on mobile with relative ease with the mobile-specific features (Such as withdraw all), you can make 2M XP per hour crafting darts. However, you will lose GP through this method, but it’s one of the highest EXP methods on the game.

Simply keep your feathers and dart tips as far away from each other on a row (to prevent misclicks), get in a rhythm, and quickly level up your fletching!

You can also train many other skills with the tap-to-drop mechanic, such as woodcutting and mining. The “withdraw all feature” also makes training crafting, runecrafting, and smithing easy using pretty much any primary method.

If you want to concentrate more on the best fletching techniques, you may watch tutorials on YouTube. Several gamers have been doing it to improve and learn from the best games. All you have to do is to apply what they are doing. It is pretty basic, and you don’t have to read long explanations.

When you work towards making improvements to your fletching skills, you can boost your attacks against the enemies and decrease possible injuries. It’s another way of teaching your mind to build self-confidence in making more powerful actions and flexibility to reduce defeat.

Other Skills

Fishing is an excellent skill to train on OSRS Mobile. Bear in mind, 3-tick fishing simply will be better and easier on PC. Despite that, Barbarian Fishing keeps roughly the same spots, so you should be fine.


Over the years, dozens of Nightmare Zone players have been using OSRS Mobile. They have ignored console and PC gaming since smartphones are more convenient and provided a more satisfying experience. Some of them also think that practising on a desktop sucks. Everyone knows that PC software needs massive downloads, and we often have to endure long waits for added game patches and updates.

OSRS Mobile has indeed provided a significant improvement in user experience for many NMZ users. With this easy-to-use application, we can now enjoy combat training, magic training, the farm runs, birdhouse runs, and other skills anytime and anywhere.

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide for the best skills to train in OSRS Mobile. Have fun playing Old School RuneScape on mobile, and remember, most methods do work rather well!

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