2. Cybersecurity

How your device could be at risk of 'one of the most serious' cyber security threats

How your device could be at risk of 'one of the most serious' cyber security threats 02:18

Hackers linked with the governments of China, Iran, North Korea and Turkey are exploiting a critical flaw in a software used by big tech firms around the world, Microsoft has warned. So far, foreign hacking groups appear to have experimented with the vulnerability, which is located in Java-based software known as "Log4j" that organizations around the world use to log information in their applications. A senior US cybersecurity official said they have no evidence that federal networks had been breached using the vulnerability. However, the Log4j flaw could end up affecting most of the internet. Apple's cloud computing service, security firm Cloudflare, and Minecraft, one of the world's most popular video games, all run Log4j, according to researchers.

3. Build Back Better

Klobuchar: Manchin 'still at the negotiating table' over Build Back Better -- full interview

Klobuchar: Manchin 'still at the negotiating table' over Build Back Better -- full interview 09:05

Movement on the Build Back Better Bill, the $1.75 trillion economic and climate package that serves as one of the cornerstones of President Joe Biden's legislative agenda, has likely stalled until next year. Biden and Democrats were hoping to pass the bill by the end of this year, but talks between Biden and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, a critical swing vote, have not produced any resolution. One of the most pivotal issues holding up progress is the child tax credit. For Biden, it's a major priority that delivers aid to families and reduces child poverty. Manchin, however, wants it out of the bill. Even if Biden and Manchin did agree, the bill still needs to be finalized and approved for a vote.

4. Condo collapse

Video shows moment Florida condo collapses

Video shows moment Florida condo collapses 01:18

A Miami-Dade grand jury overseeing the Surfside condo collapse that killed 98 people in June has released a report detailing ways to avoid a similar tragedy. Mega blog calls for more money, staff and inspectors to identify dangerous buildings, and recommends raising qualification standards for inspectors. The panel also said that the certification process for a residential property should begin much earlier than 40 years after it is built. The engineering firm that was hired for the Surfside condo's 40-year recertification in 2018 had found "deep" concrete deterioration, but couldn't perform repairs due to structural stability concerns. While it wasn't their task to uncover what caused the deadly collapse, the grand jury also noted that, nearly six months later, investigators still don't know exactly how it happened.

5. Extreme weather

Super Typhoon Rai makes landfall in the Philippines

Super Typhoon Rai makes landfall in the Philippines 01:34

Record December heat in the middle of the US has created an "unprecedented" extreme weather threat that has led to hurricane-force winds, fires, and more tornadoes over the Great Plains and the Midwest. At least 55 reports of wind gusts of over 75 mph were tracked in the region yesterday, setting a single-day record. A tornado in the southeastern portion of Minnesota was the first ever reported in the state in the month of December, according to NOAA data. Across the world, Super Typhoon Rai (known locally as Odette) has slammed into the Philippines, bringing torrential rain and the threat of widespread flooding to about 20 million people. Nearly 200,0000 people were evacuated ahead of the storm.


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The Jacksonville Jaguars have fired head coach Urban Meyer

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bell hooks, the prominent feminist, writer and academic, has passed away at 69. Born in Kentucky as Gloria Jean Watkins, hooks was known for her writing on race, gender and sexuality, and was dedicated to producing feminist theory that anyone could use and understand.



That's how many international visitors Bali welcomed in 2021. In a normal year, that figure would be in the millions, but strict border control measures and an airport closed due to the pandemic completely decimated the island's tourism this year.


"While we recognize that no amount of money can make these families whole, it is the school board's hope that this settlement will show our heartfelt commitment to the MSD families, students, staff and faculty and the entire Broward County community."

Marylin Batista, the interim general counsel for Broward County Public Schools. The district has agreed to pay more than $26 million to the shooting victims and the families of 17 people killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.



Parts of the Midwest ravaged by tornadoes and high winds


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Parts of the Midwest ravaged by tornadoes and high winds 01:51

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Did I do that?

What, you think you can put cats in front of some perfectly set up dominoes and they WON'T knock them over? (Click here to view)

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