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[14:09] <banappealfornoreason> hello i need to contact a mod about some weird shit going on in a /trash/ thread talking about fucking children in VR, i asked what was going on and got a ban for no reason dont really know what the hells going on but my ip is [REDACTED]
[14:12] <fission> you got banned for ban evasion because you're ban evading
[14:12] <fission> you can appeal this via the site
[14:12] <fission> 4chan.org/banned
[14:13] <banappealfornoreason> but im not ban evading
[14:13] <banappealfornoreason> im more worried about the topic of discussion going on in the thread i was lurking about having sex with minors
[14:13] <banappealfornoreason> https://boards.4chan.org/trash/thread/36462502
[14:13] <banappealfornoreason> all i posted was "so why is a thread talking about people below 18 allowed to exist im confused"
[14:14] <fission> i can see the post
[14:14] <banappealfornoreason> so why was i banned for my post
[14:14] <fission> you evaded your ban for spamming
[14:15] <fission> https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/36462502/#36484962
[14:15] <banappealfornoreason> so it's you
[14:15] <banappealfornoreason> do you enjoy ERPing your faggot VR friends?
[14:16] <fission> i don't go to /trash/
[14:16] <fission> i'm just not an idiot
[14:17] <banappealfornoreason> you seem to be because there was no spam on that IP
[14:18] <fission> i don't know the story. but i did ask the mod who banned you and checked for other bans in the thread
[14:18] <fission> and it became pretty obvious
[14:18] <banappealfornoreason> so then lets appeal that ban instead then.
[14:18] <banappealfornoreason> if the mod isn't you then you have some actual pedophile in your mod team
[14:18] <fission> i won't, but feel free to evade it
[14:18] <banappealfornoreason> defending his pedophile friends
[14:18] <banappealfornoreason> yeah i will but i wont be posting back there to be subject to this ERP faggots abuse, wether its your or not isnt important
[14:19] <banappealfornoreason> im quite appalled by the fact there's an insider mod defending his tranny community defending pedophilia
[14:19] <banappealfornoreason> if its not you, you should work on rooting this guy out of the mod team IMO
[14:19] <fission> i dont know what the thread is about, and i really dont care
[14:19] <fission> but come up with whatever reasons you want
[14:19] <banappealfornoreason> basically this guy seems to tell his VR friends he's a mod and ban people for them on threads.
[14:20] <banappealfornoreason> whilst also defending pedophilia, the entire thread was about how its okay to fuck minors
[14:20] <banappealfornoreason> when it's supposed to be about VR erp or some cringe stuff
[14:20] <fission> if that were true, they're either banned or fired
[14:20] <fission> we don't reveal ourselves arbitrarily on boards
[14:20] <banappealfornoreason> it's been going on for a while actuall
[14:20] <banappealfornoreason> ive been trying to find a name to this mod
[14:21] <banappealfornoreason> but you kinda have a name to this mod now so have fun with that
[14:21] <banappealfornoreason> i doubt you actually care though and it's probably you
[14:21] <banappealfornoreason> and this arbitrary other mod is a strawman
[14:21] <fission> if you have actual proof of someone saying they will ban someone, then afterwards, banning them to prove for their friends
[14:21] <fission> i will look at it
[14:21] <banappealfornoreason> you see the first ban for spamming?
[14:22] <banappealfornoreason> there was no spam, kinda suspicious in itself, correct?
[14:22] <banappealfornoreason> he biasedly moderates for his discord friends at /vrg/ and /vrlg/
[14:22] <banappealfornoreason> if you truly care for the quality of the moderation team you have the power to investigate and get him out
[14:22] <banappealfornoreason> if i ever manage to come across explicit proof proving this i'll be sure to come back and give it to you then as well
[14:23] <banappealfornoreason> Also, do you see the other ban evader in the thread as well? This moderator seems to conveniently of left them unbanned
[14:24] <banappealfornoreason> yesterday I reported them for breaking US law regarding talking about fucking minors and they're already back
[14:24] <fission> i didnt look at the thread
[14:24] <fission> i just looked at the ban logs
[14:24] <banappealfornoreason> I'll link you to that thread then as well
[14:24] <fission> where are the illegal posts
[14:25] <banappealfornoreason> It ended up getting the entire general deleted. i'll link you one second, i reported them for breaking US law and all his posts got nuked then after a shrot while the whole thread got nuked
[14:25] <banappealfornoreason> https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/36427531/
[14:25] <fission> if you're asserting that there are individuals evading their bans in that thread
[14:25] <fission> then you know it's just as easy for them to evade as it is for you
[14:26] <fission> it's not like we have some sort of magical system to stop ban evasion. we just get it when we see it
[14:26] <fission> and /trash/ is the literal board for garbage threads
[14:26] <banappealfornoreason> I'm asserting the mod in question is obviously a regular at /vrg/ and /vrlg/ and recognizes the ban evader
[14:26] <fission> it's not like we have staff patrolling /trash/ 24/7
[14:26] <banappealfornoreason> Yes its a board for garbage threads, but there's a pocket mod actively participating
[14:26] <banappealfornoreason> For this thread there's one there most of the day actually
[14:26] <banappealfornoreason> And inside the /vrg/ thread, too
[14:27] <banappealfornoreason> This has been going on for years as well so it's pretty obvious
[14:27] <banappealfornoreason> So the most likely suspect for being the insider mod who told his discord/vrchat friends he's a mod is likely the one you were just communicating with about spamming/flooding ban
[14:28] <banappealfornoreason> But I know how tightly knit you mods are with eachother and im appealing a lost cause
[14:28] <banappealfornoreason> this has been about half an hour of my time anyway so it's not like i wasted much of my life though
[14:28] <fission> if what you're saying is provably true, they will be fired
[14:28] <banappealfornoreason> that reignites my passion to find him and me and my friend will do a better job of discovering their identity
[14:29] <banappealfornoreason> Sorry for being a bit of a pisser earlier I just assumed it was you
[14:29] <fission> i don't take it personally
[14:29] <banappealfornoreason> there was a leaked mod list i've seen posted around /v/ and sometimes I feel like i've narrowed it down
[14:30] <banappealfornoreason> the specific sub friend group of the general ive mostly narrowed down to their VRC identity but i have no links to a mod on that list yet
[14:31] <banappealfornoreason> i'm just gonna go do other things now, i'll be back and DM you specifically once i eventually find proof, you can't hide skeletons in the closet forever
[14:31] <banappealfornoreason> well-- more proof besides circumstantial evidence
[14:32] <fission> if there is actual non-schizo proof, then it would be trivial to check our logs to see if the moderation actions correlate with an individual, and the posts they've made if they're a mod
[14:33] <fission> so make sure you take your meds first
[14:34] <banappealfornoreason> take your bolts bot
[14:34] <banappealfornoreason> you think they're stupid enough to post on their mod IP?
[14:34] <banappealfornoreason> if so, just casually peruse the logs for the /vrg/ thread of the last few years a clear bias that isn't schizo is there and if you're denying this so flagrantly I have explicit reasons to suspect you, yourself
[14:35] <banappealfornoreason> Possibly check the logs of a certain mod with a certain rozen maiden character, he'
[14:36] <banappealfornoreason> He's one of the suspects I have but it's very loose and I obviously haven't been able to explicitly put them together
[14:36] <fission> suiseiseki?
[14:36] <banappealfornoreason> You're probably aware of which Mods are VR owners, check their post and moderation history
[14:36] <fission> das me
[14:36] <banappealfornoreason> INTERESTING
[14:36] <banappealfornoreason> You said you dont own vr though, so if not a lie, then that crosses you off the list
[14:37] <banappealfornoreason> If you actually care about the website do a thorough check into the mods that own VR especially if theyre gay socks wearers
[14:37] <banappealfornoreason> Whoever it is, is a VRChatter

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