Hi, I am Jon Tooker: the inventor of the time circuit [http://www.vixra.org/abs/1807.0454] [ALT https://ibb.co/f4Drft2] [ALT2 https://imgur.com/LLmh58e].  I am not John Tooker from the Montauk Project [https://www.konformist.com/1998/jquinn/phoenix.htm].  I am not John Tooker the inventor of the HDR, although I guess you could certainly call the time circuit an HDR and not lose any of the gist of what it is.  Also, I am not John Tooker the time traveler who has a mythos on the internet separate from either the HDR John Tooker or the Montauk John Tooker.  Furthermore, I am not the time traveler John Titor, and I am not the fictional time traveler John Connor although the Connor story is pretty much what I'm going for.  Here is John Titor's secret song [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc6f_2nPSX8], and regarding the significance of the the B-52s, my book [https://www.amazon.com/Weather-Vane-Gedalia-Gershon/dp/1723762806/] ended up with 52 chapters in it.  (PLEASE DO NOT BUY MY BOOK!!!!  I LOVE BEING POOR!!!) The purpose of this post is to detail the events from when I was in college up until I got arrested earlier this year.
(GSU) Do really good in college, try hard, ace physics GRE. Get prestigious fellowship for PhD at Georgia Tech.
(GT) Don't prioritize classwork knowing that I would not be pursuing a career in physics if I wasn't able to make some huge discovery. I did make the discovery, arXiv rejected my papers in 2009 and 2011, and Manafort got $1M a week or two after arXiv rejected me in 2009. I got expelled from GT for double rape in 2011 after I had began to attend an Occupy Atlanta Protest (tm) on November 5, 2011. Within weeks of first attending the protest, two rape claims against me appeared from six and 18 months earlier and I was expelled with everyone preferring to pretend like I hadn't already had at least one Nobel worthy result. After I solved dark energy in 2009, its discoverers won the Nobel in 2011. Then Helene put me on a pain stipend as she tried to torture me into acting like I hadn't had all these great discoveries and have the greatest possible qualifications for ongoing career development in physics.  (These were not rapes but minor violations of the student code, detailed below.)
(Nexidia) I had been unemployed for a few years after being expelled from GT for double rape. I was tired of years of indigence and I went to get a job. The wages Helene [https://ibb.co/Z1KNKBF] [ALT https://imgur.com/Ii4dkAl] was doing out to me 2012-2014 was exactly minimal such that I had no disposable income after paying my bills. I was severely afflicted by the acuteness of the poverty which Helene subjected me to. The afflictions included chronic poverty-related distress. I got a job at Nexidia in early 2014. They have an algorithm from some GT student to do search by text string on audio files so you can search for recordings of words. The big thing going on in the office, it seemed to me, was that there were two or three different superusers logged in, all with same curious name: Mr. Comcast Comcast. No one knew who were they were.
Nexidia gave me a technical challenge to see if I could understood the highly technical instruction "look in the log file," and then when I showed that I could understand such a thing, they fired me because that role was not appropriate for me. When I showed that I am modestly proficient at computers, Nexidia didn't move me into a better position.  Instead, they threw me out to go beg for someone else to please gibs me a dolla plz if I puts on a monkey suit fo ya, Masta? I had been thinking Nexidia=NSA, and when they were firing me, the lady weirdly mentioned Ceridian. When I had worked at Ceridian before going to GSU, I thought Ceridian=CIA. No one ever said anything to make me think these were government companies, but they probably were part of "the company." I got fired from Nexidia one week after the guy in the desk near mine went to visit "the Israeli police."
(Blood moon) The blood moon was at this time after I got fired from Nexidia. I was living as a slave in an involuntary lunatic asylum on the night of the first moon. The judge let me out after about two weeks when she didn't agree with "the doctor's opinion" that I was a danger to myself and others due to my "psychotic delusions" that the government might have something to do with inability to find a career in physics, and my inability to publish scientific papers in the usual venues.  During the interview with the doctor, she was asking why I wasn't working and why I had gotten fired so quickly from Nexidia (who didn't promote me but chose to fire me.)  I had become a slave of this asylum after Helene and Joe [https://ibb.co/b7RWPyt] [ALT https://imgur.com/JIN1Akr] concocted a fraud affidavit with false allegations of my insanity and they signed it, and the cops rushed into my Dunwoody apartment to haul me away in Hannibal Lecter restraints. In the days before the cops showed up, I had just gotten in touch with Joe after being out of touch for several years, and he pretty well fucked me right away. He said he was having a problem with "his foot" and Karen later freaked out about his foot when I asked so I will closely examine what the deal was. The violence of the arrest and enslavement was so coercive to me that I relented in protest and agreed to go get a job.  The first date on the John Titor foundation, in bot columns, seems connected to the first night I saw jiu jitsu on December 31, 1999.  In the day before the cops snatched me in April 2014, the instructor at my jiu jitsu was looking uncharacteristically perturbed: I had never seen him like that and never since either.
(Elavon) After the judge freed me from what was plainly a condition of slavery according to the 13th Amendment definition of USA slavery, I got a job at Elavon. My boss was out on my first day, and I think there was a Klan rally downtown that day where I had been protesting. My boss Robert made me work 168 hours a week about every six weeks and this job was an absolute living hell. It was by far, many times over, the absolute worst employment-related task that anyone has ever handed to me. I was supposed to be a SQL developer, but really I was a using my MS from GT to be a phone answering bitch for about $16/hr after taxes. The phone answering duties outside of the office were unbelievable and there was no other description for the role Role Robert offered to me other than "living hell" or "wage slave."
Robert is a Tesla shill, he weirdly said something about the KGB and gave me a weird look as he walked by my desk one day. Robert always took great pride in mentioning the .VOR file we had in our ETL system. Elavon's business is taking the skim on US Bank's credit card transactions, so you can kind of tell what the .VOR file would be for. Robert gave me a task one time, and he was helping me through it. When he explained to me that a certain column in a SQL table was a currency conversion multiplier, noticed that it was converting 1JPY = 100 USD, and then some people came and spoke to me about that in the follow weeks. The "error" in that column was probably the gimmick in the .VOR file of Elavon's non-Russian-speaking group which I turned off and they didn't like it. Toward the time I was about to leave Elavon (the credit card processing subsidiary of US Bank), the CEO or CTO or something of American Express died weirdly on a flight from Japan and Robert seemed very pleased that day. I hope that guy deserved to die. He probably did.  This was not too long after I reported the error in the currency conversion thing.
Andrew McCabe was sitting in the desk next to me at this time near the beginning if my year at Elavon. He would float hot words to me over the cubilce divider and then judge my reaction.  He made me so happy one day when he said (in meme form), "Your friends are Matt Tequila and Kevin from Gwinnett but you don't like Matt Ornstein." I was so happy that he saw that because it was obvious that people were fucking confused about which group I was in. Andrew disappeared, and "Rhonda Capone" sat at his desk. She is a witch, certainly league with Helene if not literally Helene in disguise at times, and I could feel her witchcraft upon my cheek [https://ibb.co/vzg0D7g] [ALT https://imgur.com/SBVX0yg]every day for the remainder of my time at Elavon. Pic related, I could feel Rhonda's witch craft upon my face everyday.  Rhonda would use the alias "Sharon Maloney" at Lexis Nexis and, I think, the alias "Rhonda Leeper" at Exide.
Although they say women are underrepresented in IT, Nexidia was the first in a long string of all my bosses being women which is completely offensive to me.  It is totally degenerate to have any arrangement in which a woman's position is said to be superior, in any way, to a man's position. At Elavon, Robert was technically my boss but the the real point of what was going on in the office was that Rhonda would lash me with her witchcraft all day and there was nothing I could do about if I didn't want to get fired. For this reason, I say Rhonda was my real boss at Elavon. On the QA team at Nexidia, there were four women and me, they all had big desks, and I was squeezed at the kiddie desk in the short chair between two fat bitches' fat asses. Among the four women on our QA team were Lee Duh and Liz Adkins, and I would later work with Lee Adkins at Elavon. He seemed pretty cool. At my next job, my boss would be a woman named Cecile, then I would have a male boss fire me in about three weeks at North Highland, and then I would have a female boss Sandy at Exide. This thing where all of my bosses were women was just one slight thing in the kabuki theater of cucklodry that my enemy enacts on the fringes of my life.  If women are underrepresented in IT, then how is it that all of my bosses were women?
So... I was really hating this job at Elavon. The crack of that on-call phone constantly disturbing the peace in my private residence was making my life a living hell.  Some people live with alarms turned on their homes, but I'm not one of them, and the fucking on-call alarm unceasingly ripping through my tranquil abode was nothing less than nightmarish. In the office, US Bank and Citibank (Saudi Arabia) were doing an international business deal in Brazil, and I was doing the ETL development for the deal.  I was using Datasatage in Windows. The data had unique IDs "MID": which were the Merchant IDs. The project called for me to to write an ETL job with a look-up stage so that Citi could send us their data, then I would look at the MID, and I would only load it into our database if we already had the MID. After the look-up stage in the Datastage job, there was an update stage to update the our rows with the Citi data.  If we we already knew about a certain MID, we would add Citi's data to ours but if we didn't already know about a certain MID then we would put the data in the trash and promise not to look at it, pinky promise.
Ellen Pao was in the news at this time, and the asshole I was working with from Citi was named Pao. He was supposed to send me table definitions in COBOL format, but he would always send them slightly fucked up, then make me ask him how it should be, then tell me the wrong thing, then say its my fault that the CREATE TABLE statement didn't work right. I demanded that he send me properly formatted COBOL files that would work as written without additional editting from me, but Pao refused.  Robert told me to watch my tone when I was telling him to stop fucking it up on purpose. The project came to completion without Citi ever cooperating. Robert had mentioned that Citi was trying to treat US Bank as a vendor for this deal in Brasil.
I was so irritated with Citi refusing to EVER give me correct specifications for anything. I thought I should stick it to them by making sure the data went to where Citi didn't want it to go. When Citi finally sent the real data, most of it got rejected by the look-up stage that I had to put into the job. This look-up stage was a requirement before they would send their data to the job, they wanted to make sure the job would reject data if we didn't already have the MID for it. I guess they never heard of an error log.  After the job ran, I went into the linux network system through which the data was transmitted and copied all the rejected data out of the error log with ctrl+c. Then I opened MS Excel and used ctrl+v to copy the rejected rows as a .CSV spreadsheet. Then I emailed all of the rejected rows to my internal customers at US Bank, and also sent the .XLSX files Microsoft Lync.  (Ethan showed me where this error log lived during an earlier project when I was learning Datastage, so he helped me a lot.)  When I hit ctrl+v that I day, I heard Lee Adkins exclaim, "Yes!!!!" from his cubicle several desks away.
The day after I copied this MID data, the MSM news said the Office of Personnel Management hack happened, and that it was the largest breach of federal employee data ever. Nothing much has come of this yet, publicly. The Panama Papers probably come from this MID data too. To this day, when they talk about the final assault on "Idlib" in Syria, I wonder if they mean the final killing blow that can be struck with the data I copied into Microsoft Excel: the Merchant ID library.  When they made TV shows about me in the following years, Eliot on Mr Robot leaked the data from Evil Corp but he decided not to nuke them with it for some reason. "One Punch Man" gets its name from the OPM hack, and while the House of Evolution was the evil place on that show, Evolution was the name of the data system when I would work at Exide.
IRL, I will definitely nuke them with this data that seems to be referred to as "al-Qaeda held Idlib." Haha, fuck you. Robert fired me soon after this. He kindly extended to me the opportunity to resign, and that was VERY COOL of him, and I had gotten a ~50% raise to work at Lexis Nexis with NO PHONE DUTY before my pay from Elavon ran out.
While at Elavon, I asked out several women at a nearby gym. I think "they" sent women there to prance in front of me so they could say no to me on purpose. Later. I saw this described in the meme news as "navy sonar testing" which can "be harmful to the whales." It's hard for me to explain how much anger I have deep inside my soul over this.
One day in that gym, some guy came in in a suit. He was watching me stretch. He said to me for some reason, "We're from executive behavior modification," and that was all he said.  It was very creepy, and they are likely a NXIVM subsidiary.  This gym was in the Concourse where the King and Queen building are in Sandy Springs. In the lobby of the queen building, the signage for the lobby tenant said they were a firm called CBT. I don't know the actual name of the company, but Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a euphemism for Cock and Ball Torture. Subjecting me to the deliberate scorn of the women, when I don't get enough of that already, and subjecting me to Rhonda's witchcraft everyday seemed like an extension of the lash I was feeling earlier when my discoveries got ignored and Helene was giving me indigent rations.  Actually, while Helene was giving me indigent rations, there was an Israeli embassy strike over low pay, but they ended their strike when Joe and Helene enslaved me with their fraud affidavit.
I wonder if Helene disguised herself as the GT student justice administrator who expelled me on the preponderance of the evidence. The specific charge of the student conduct code was that I was scary to the girl when I tried to fuck her and then stopped immediately when she said no. The girl said I was scary and I said I wasn't, and the administrator found that I should be expelled because he-said/she-said constitutes a preponderance of evidence. One girl was only there for summer semester, her complaint surfaced 6 months later, just weeks after I went to Occupy and began to distribute anti-government literature. The other girl who said I was so scary had been working next to me for 18 months since the time of he alleged rape, and we go along fine with no problems during the follwoing 8 months after she turned me down for sex.  Still, she said that I was scary to her and I made her too scared to be on campus. After he-said/she-said was sufficient evidence against me during my first rape trial, I said nothing regarding the second allegation and got expelled when saying nothing led to the same preponderance that my denial had led to.
(Lexis Nexis) Although the people at Nexidia seemed like authentic human beings, there was something fishy going on in the office at Elavon. It was weird how my Citi counterparty Pao was always fucking things up on purpose, and Rhonda's chronic satanism was very weird. At Lexis Nexis, the quality of the office staff took a big turn for the worse but the quality of the monkey work I was given at Lexis Nexis increased hugely with respect to phone bitch duty at Elavon. Blood moon ended soon after I started working at Lexis Nexis. As Pao had been fucking up my technical specs all the time Elavon, there was someone in the office doing that at Lexis Nexis: Tim. We were supposedly working with unemployment insurance data collected from the 50 USA state unemployment agencies, but whenever I would try to do things how the project docs specified, Tim would say, "We're just going to do it however State wants it." It seemed like he was talking about the State Dept. This was late 2015 and/or early 2016.
One day Tim floated the term "MIDs" to me to see if I knew about that data thing that had happened recently. I told him about how I used ctrl+c to take it out of linux and then ctrl+v to drop it into Windows. He left our cubilce area and then he was PISSED when he came back! At one point in the project, our boss George asked Tim if he was using his job to send the data to an external server farm for "cleaning." Tim said yes and George told him he wasn't supposed to do that.
In addition to Tim being a turd in the office, we had "Jesse" and "Clarence" as off-site coworkers in Boca Raton who were always fucking everything up in the email. They were probably bots designed to fuck things up.  Maybe they are real people, but I think bots were answering my emails.  My other coworker was Jim "Father Berlin" Farbolini, and he may be Andrew Weisman. One day I said to him, "The FBI is letting Lexis Nexis 'clean' the data so that they can find out what data the criminals don't like." Jim loudly exclaimed, "Oh! He is paying attention!" Now, I don't know if they were trying to catch the criminals deleting data or if they were trying to help he criminals delete the data, Probably the latter.
One day, I kept harping on a point during a phone call about how we should do the code development the way the project docs ask for it. Jim became so frustrated that he exclaimed into the phone, "Well I'm just gonna shoot myself in the head then!!!" George said, "No! Don't," but it would have been fine with me.  I kind of think that "Jesse" and "Clarence" were Jim's sock puppets, and he wanted me to like him by having other people fuck things up for him so it wasn't totally obvious to me that he was a shill for my enemies like Tim.
Boca Raton is in DWS' district in Florida and the leaked DNC emails are the Lexis Nexis emails in which I'm constantly calling out the other people from Lexis Nexis about their chronic, non-stop lying, and their refusal to give straight answers to even the simplest technical questions. The guy who sat diagonal next to me at LN looked just like Assange,and I think Assange knows these "DNC" files were DLed to a local thumb drive because he did it at the computer next to mine with his own thumb drive. Later, the Awan laptop would mysteriously appear in a closet at the USA capital on the night I became homeless. "Assange" said his name was "Don."  
Toward the end of my contract at Lexis Nexis we had a call about the status as we began to wrap up the project. I told them all of my code had been written by Tim, I didn't know what any of the code did, and that everything about the project was totally fucked up at every point of my entire year working on it. My boss George told his own boss on the call, "I haven't seen any signs of bad faith," and he fucked me hard with that outrageous lie. I got fired right after that. The "DNC emails" contain my clear, almost daily email reports showing that everyone was lying, ignoring simple requests, not following the project scope, etc...  George fucked me hard that day, and one day I hope to fuck him much harder still.
(North Highland) This job seemed like it would have been ok but I got fired after a few weeks. It was some data migration project having to do with the Atlanta Food Bank. I was studying the data architecture of the data warehouse we were going to build and it was obvious that this one object [dbo].[sycdefil] was not like the other objects. This was the "Sick Defile" [https://ibb.co/RcDTrKv][ALT https://imgur.com/GcBQ2Jm] table. I think this "food bank" data was the dark web pedo investigation.
Before I got fired from North Highland, I saw some project docs for the project. They were on giant Excel spreadsheets that there was no way to easily view on a computer screen and it seemed like they were made hard to read on purpose. You could only view them bu dragging the scroll bars WAYYY far tot he sides and bottom.  Although my supervisor Chris was pretty cool, my boss Cliff was a cunt. I guess someone told Cliff that my resume was loaded with bullshit I had never done (although my real CV at that time said I was the most successful living physicist.) One afternoon, Cliff and Chris came to me and told me to build an ETL job in SSIS. He said to me, "A good SQL guy should be able to do this in an hour." Chris was the one saying it to me but I could tell Cliff was making him be a bitch to me. Although all that SSIS experience on my resume was fake, and I had never even once used SSIS before that moment, I did put the job together in one hour so it would compile properly with no errors or warnings. After Cliff put me to the test that evening, I saw "Charles Sotero" got arrested for being a Sandy Springs drug dealer the next day, and he looked awfully like my boss Cliff. I think Cliff was out of the office that day too. Although I was able to make his one hour deadline, Cliff fired me anyway a couple days later. He said they wanted like "a SQL guru."
(Northside Hospital) I thought I would get job at Northside after getting fired from North Highland. The hiring manager and his assistant viciously attacked me with their satanism during the interview. Then they told me that "loyalty" was really important to them, and that they wanted "someone more senior." Some recruiter called me after that. He asked me to come to his office. I thought he had a job for me but he just wanted to attack me with his satanism while making snide comments about "myopia" and the like while I would turn the other cheek to his sorcery.  It was like he was saying that I was blind to his satanism because I was choosing to respond to it by turning the other cheek.  He told me Northside hired his guy for $60k. The only reason he called me in was to gloat and attack me with his satanism.
I don't know why people are so intent on attacking me with satanism during job interviews for roles that have nothing to do with satanism. I think it's probably the KSW "keeping satanism working" program where satanic hiring managers preferentially select satanists for job openings. I don't know what they want to see when they throw that satanic slime on your face, but they definitely don't like it when you turn the other cheek.
I didn't mention it earlier, but this satanic job screening seems like a big thing in the interviews I've been to. My first interview at Nexidia was very satanic. He didn't hire me. Then I got an interview for another position at Nexidia and that interview did not leave me slimy with satanic ectoplasm like the first interview did. That guy hired me.
However, nowhere was the ectoplasm as satanic as it was in the IT department at Northside Hospital. Those are some HARD CORE satanists in there. The manager said to me on the phone interview, for some reason, "We're not a shadow organization," but when I went for the in-person interview it was obvious that he had lied to me.
(Exide) My recruiter told me that the owner of his employment agency was the brother of the CEO of Exide.  The other job candidate missed his interview due to "a medical emergency" and then I got hired as the only person Exide interviewed in the summer of 2016 when the anti-Trump FBI op "began."  I mentioned that there were a few weirdos at Elavon, several at Lexis Nexis, but Exide was completely fucked and the whole office was a literal cesspit of human trash.  I think David Parker Ray [https://ibb.co/zRPCsZD] [ALT https://imgur.com/qW9jBOT] is one of the people wearing disguises in there, and he did not die in prison.
There was a person at Exide who looked just like Lloyd Blankfein.  He would hang out way on the far side of the huge bank of cubicles with some other dudes with black rings on their fingers.  It recently came out that Lloyd was "in the room" during the 1MDB mega-fraud discussions.  I think when they say he was in the room, they don't mention he was like 70 yards away and not in earshot.  Then when I say my Exide coworkers were constantly lying about everything, Lloyd can honestly say, "No, I was in the room.  I didn't hear anything like that," when people ask him if I was constantly having to tell my coworkers to stop fucking lying to me... which I was.  I documented all of this in Exide's "audit tracker" like I had in the emails at LN, but they may have deleted the audit tracker when I quit.  There is A LOT of derogatory information in that tracker.  BTW, just before I began at Exide while I was still at LN, Lloyd "got brain cancer" and was out of the office at Goldman a lot "not for MK ULTRA" but really "for actual real brain cancer treatment."
My job at Exide was to be the lowest ranking person in the IT department of their their electrical battery operation.  All of the data I touched and all of the numbered project issues I would touch at Exide, according to what I was explicitly told, would be related to the manufacture and sale of electrical batteries.  This was told to me explicitly.  In December 2016, it seemed like I was in a meeting with Trump and Putin where they were disguised as my coworkers Rod and Dave.  Dave's eyes looked weird that day: like Trump's eyes.  Rod's chin looked strange that day, it looked like Putin's chin.  I have no idea what they talked about in that meeting that day.  Although they told me it was all about batteries, I can't imagine what interest Putin and Trump would have in batteries.  They cited a bunch of issues by number, and I had no idea what they were talking about.  (However, I had seen some project docs at Exide which formatted on those same weird giant Excel tables as I had seen at North Highland.)  In this meeting, I nodded a lot an said, "Mhmm, yeah, ok," quite a bit I'm sure.  Usually they always say the wrong number in the meetings so that nobody can use the Nexidia technology to figure out what we're doing by analyzing the recording of the meeting.  This was a major meme at Exide, during each week's meeting the topic was invariably, "Why did you lie to use at the meeting last week Sandy," but everyone seemed fine with it and it seemed like they were all in league together to abet Sandy's constant lying.  In hindsight, I imagine the the issue numbers discussed in that meeting regarded plans that said, "You want to let your enemies run everything for you, and you want us to kill your friends and give your money to your enemies, and you will just nod and say, 'Mhmm, ok, sure,' if you want us to let your enemies make all decisions for you and you want us to kill your friends while giving your money to your enemies."  I have no idea what the issue numbers discussed were, but my boss told me it was related to the manufacture and sale of electrical batteries.  If I had thought there was something besides mundane retail commerce being discussed, I would have made more of an effort to understand what was going on.  However, I did not at that time give a fuck about batteries so I was not really giving a fuck about what they were discussing tangentially only by numerical code... in the meeting where everyone always says the wrong number anyways.
(Israel) Trump got inaugurated and nothing good happened for me.  I did not like the company of my cowrkers at Exide, they were very satanic.  I quit my battery job at Exide in January 2017.  If they have my legal person in any other arrangement relating to something other than batteries then that was fraud.  After I quit, I tried to fly to Israel.  The Israeli passport agent was probably Helene.  She asked to see my penis to prove my circumcision and then she denied me entry to Israel.  I tried to do the formal immigration for Jews, "Aliyah," but the Israeli immigration agency told me that the Minister of the Interior of Israel told them not to work me: The Governor of Jerusalem (I am El Arcón: Gedalia Gershon.).  I tried to fly to Israel a third time and was taken as their slave and locked into a small box other than the sub-basement "Thai-Israli Taskforce" dungeon I had ended up in the first two times I tried to fly there.  Then they put me on a flight back to the USA and I did not have money to try again.
(Homeless) My money ran out after trying to get to Jerusalem three times.  I became homeless.  The bridge on I-85 burned down at that time.  Because I worked one month in 2017, I got a tax return in 2018.  I used the money to rent a room to get off the street after living in the gutter for one year.  I fell behind on my rent in summer 2018 but I was never served an eviction notice.  One day the cops showed up and I didn't open the door for them.  Then the SWAT team demolished the house, enslaved me with chains on my wrists, and transported me to me to live as a slave in their slave hole for most of Winter 2019.  Again, I think Helene was diguised as a prisoner and my boss from Elavon Robert was disguised as a a guard.  I am sorely angry that he has assumed the slavemaster role over me, and I want to explain to him how much I don't like that.  It seemed like a lot of former acquaintances of mine were in the slave hole with me: Sandy from Exide, Tim from Lexis Nexis, and Emily from before I even got expelled from college.  As slavery (not just the threat of slavery but real slavery with chains and concrete cages) had inspired to me to get a job after Helene and Joe conspired against me with their fraud affidavit in 2014, this later bout of 2019 lavery at the hands of APD cajoled me into returning to beg for money from Helene, one of the most evil people in the whole world.  There is a series of movie about a paranormal investigator family the Warrens, and these movies are filled with Helene's memes.  It is obvious that Helene is the spooky nun and also that she is the spooky old lady trying to possess the young boy.  Helene is my enemy, probably my sister or my mother too, but I am sure "they" are using this money to say that Helene and I ar on good terms, and that I don't want to see her put immediately to death.  It's not true, she should die.  She is evil.  However, I do not want to live as a slave and I know it helps her steal from me when she gives me $0.99 so she is usually willing to do it if I beg and grovel pathetically for it.
On October 2, 2018, I went back to Exide to accuse them of inserting fraud papers into my hiring package.  They told me those papers were related to electrical batteries, but I began to suspect otherwise.  The HR manager would not give me the paperwork I was requesting and he called the cops on me.  I was asking for the "divorce" paperwork showing that all agreements between Exide and I, or agreements involving any third parties, had been terminated when I quit in January 2017.  I got arrested, issued a CT notice not to return to the Exide offce in Milton, GA, and then the cop took me to jail.  Helene was in the holding cell when I got there pretending to be a man "from Texas."  Unlike when I would get arrested in January 2019, I got out the next morning.  That day, October 3, 2018, Khashoggi went went to get his own "divorce paperwork" from the Saudi embassy and he was killed.  His meme name means "Cash OG" like I am the cash original gangster that Blankfein, Trump, Putin, and who knows who else conspired to defraud at Exide by telling me I was a computer bitch working on battery stuff while they unconsensually involved my legal person in matters totally unrelated to the manufacture and sale of electrical batteries.  The stock market crashed hard as fuck beginning on this day, and there was an unspecified "procedural problem" in the Mueller investigation when I went to accuse Exide of fraud and demand copies of my documents.  I think I had some inheritance, and my parents never told me about preferring instead to steal it from me and use it to help Satan fight against me: God Almighty.
If anyone wants to know what "golf rumors" were about, this infographic lays it out nicely: [https://ibb.co/ChZ3b1s] [ALT https://imgur.com/ZanAY43]

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