A hand fetish is a sexual fixation on hands, both one's own and those of others. It is among the more common fetishes, and can be found both in females and males.

There are a variety of various explanations for why someone may establish a hand fetish. For some, it might be because of the reality that hands are a sensuous and detailed part of the body. They are packed with nerve endings and can a broad range of movements, making them really versatile and meaningful. In addition, hands are typically used in sexual activity, making them a key gamer in the sexual experience.

Others may be brought in to the power and control that hands represent. Being able to control someone with your hands can be a significant turn-on for those with this fetish.

Still image source may find the association of hands with dirt and tidiness appealing. The contrast of having such filthy hands however having the ability to make them so tidy can be sexually promoting.

Whatever the factor, hand fetishes can be an enjoyable and naughty method to add some enjoyment to your sex life.

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