Do you need a account with a brand new Google account but don’t know how to create Google Account? In this blog we will discuss about how to create Google account. An Google account can be the only way for accessing all Google’s services and products many of which are completely free. After you have created an account with a Google account, you’ll be able to use tools such as Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Docs, as well connect your Chrome browsing information across all your devices. Making Google accounts is a fast and easy process. You can also create multiple accounts!90706878b003bccc8b918.jpg

These Steps Will let you know that how to create Google Account:

1. Go to This can be done with any browser, including the browser you use on your tablet or smartphone!

2. Select Create Account and choose the kind of account you’re creating. This is located below the fields which you’d use to login.

  • It is possible to create an account for work or business, for a child, or even for your personal use. The required fields can change somewhat based on why you’re setting up an account for. For, however, they generally have the same process.

A personal account is used it if you’d like to create an account that you can make  use of for personal reasons.

Business account: Make use of this account if you wish to utilize Google as an   enterprise. You’ll be able connect your business to real life so that users can  locate it on the internet.

Account for children: This kind of account may have limitations that are in relation to age or ratings. This is a good option for parents who want to control  yourself and your own child’s Google account.

3. Create an account name. By default, your username will become your new Gmail address (it will be “ You can click the link below the username area to make field to create a Google account using the email address you already have instead making a new Gmail address.

  • Click Use my email address in case you already are already using an email account but don’t wish to establish an email address. Gmail address.
  • If your username has been taken or is not available If it is, you’ll be presented with different options to choose from or you could attempt a different username. Additional information

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