1. >Be Anon
  2. >This is it. Today's the day.
  3. >This is day you man up and face your destiny.
  4. >Today, you WILL eat at Raisins.
  5. >Your buddy has talked up this place for weeks, and you've been too much of a bitch to go.
  6. >But the allure of this place was so strong, that ever you can overcome your nervousness and social anxiety to step boldly into the unknown.
  7. >Now you're ready. Ready to have sexy little girls in skimpy clothes manipulate you into spending all your money.
  8. >You take a deep breath to steady yourself, and open the gates of heaven.
  10. >The first thing you feel as a rush of cold air.
  11. >It feels pleasant in the summer heat, though this feels somewhat excessive.
  12. >Then, you feel your body warm back up considerable as you lay eyes on them for the first time.
  13. >Girls.
  14. >Dozens of nubile young girls, each wearing the same outfit of a short, white tank top with the restaurant's name on it, which shows off their midriff, short shorts, and white sneaker.
  15. >There was a wide variety of heights and races (you think one see might actually be a cat), but amongst all of them, there was not a single developed breast to be found.
  16. >You would guess their from at least 8, to at most a VERY petite 13.
  17. >You almost start drooling when you hear and attention grabbing cough from behind you.
  19. >Standing by the door is a large, bald, black man, covered in tattoos.
  20. >He is very large. Very black. And very, very intimidating.
  21. >You begin regretting every life choice you've ever made, and as you start running down a mental Rolodex of gods to pray to, he up to a sign above the door.
  22. >It read:
  23. >The Rules
  24. >1. No touching the girls without permission.
  25. >2. No asking the girls for private information.
  26. >3. Paying costumers only.
  27. No free gawking. Eat something, or get out.
  28. >You weakly nod before turning around and walking up to the front podium.
  30. >Broken from your trance, you take a look at this place beyond the cute girls.
  31. >It's looks are fairly simplistic, basic wood paneling with tacky sports and surfing memorabilia decorating the walls.
  32. >The restaurant is split into two sections, on one side you have have young boys, not entirely sure why seeing the girls exites them, and on the other, grown men, you know all too well why seeing the girls exites them.
  33. >Well, that's not entirely true. The adult side also has a couple of women thrown in.
  34. >They stand out as being the only people in that section without mustaches.
  35. >You question why so many pedophiles feel the need to broadcast their degeneracy with those gross mustaches.
  36. >You now feel self-conscious as the only clean shaven man here (you even shaved off your neckbeard for the occasion).
  37. >On the kid's side you notice a very large boy that appears to be standing guard over there.
  38. >Likely the younger counterpart to the big scary black man that nearly ruined your shorts.
  39. >Truth be told, the kid could probably kick your ass too.
  41. >You make your way to the front podium, where a beautiful girl waits with menus to take you to your seat.
  42. Hey there, Sweetie. Welcome to Raisins!
  43. >She is gorgeous! Long black hair and blue eyes. She smiles and winks at you as she calls you "Sweetie."
  44. >She is also wearing a tiara, star earrings, and manacles.
  45. >You would question these if there was any blood in your brain right now.
  46. Just you today, Cutie?
  47. >You struggle get any words out, and instead decide to just nod.
  48. >As you nod, you catch a glimpse of her chest and realize just why they keep it so cold.
  50. First timer I take it?
  51. >You nod, with your eye firmly locks in the small bumps on her tank top
  52. Thought, well don't worry Sweetie, we're gonna take good care of you.
  53. >She turns and calls to someone behind her.
  54. Hey Gwen!
  55. >A girl, probably about 10 or 11 years old, with bright orange hair and emerald green eyes walks over to the two of you and speaks
  56. Hey Diana, what's up? Oh, and who is this hunk of man?
  57. >She eyes you up and biting her lower lip.
  58. >Diana responds.
  59. This is a new customer. Would you please show him to a table, and make sure his first time is memorable one.
  60. >Diana winks as Gwen takes one of the menus.
  61. With pleasure. C'mon Stud, let's find you a table.
  62. >She leads on with you following behind, as you are then struck with just how amazing Gwen's ass looks in those shorts.
  64. >As you walk you internally debate whether or not to stare at that glorious ass.
  65. >It's rude to stare.
  66. >They're getting paid for you to stare at them.
  67. >You look like a pervert.
  68. >You are a pervert. That why you're here!
  69. >You might trip on something and fall.
  70. >Right into that glorious ass!
  71. >And get ripped several new assholes by the big, scary, black man.
  72. >And it would be worth it!
  73. >The end result is your eyes repeatedly flicking towards and away from her ass, thus making you look like both a pervert and a pussy, whilst leaving you feeling very unsatisfied.
  75. >After that few seconds of arguing with yourself you reach an empty table with two chairs and table cloth that reaches past the seat of the chair.
  76. Here we are.
  77. >You take a seat in one of the chairs and immediately understand why the table cloth is so long.
  78. >How thoughtful.
  79. I'm Gwen, and I'll your server for today. What's your name, cutie?
  80. >She smiles as she hands you a menu.
  81. >"A-a-anon." You manage to stammer out as you take the menu.
  82. >Christ, you're at least twice her age and you so flustered you can barely squeak out your own name.
  83. Anon? Cute name.
  84. >She's good at this.
  85. So, what do you want to eat?
  87. >It takes you a second to remember this place serves food, and not just eye candy.
  88. >You pick up the menu and skim over it.
  89. >Mostly a lot of standard cheap restaurant stuff, but slightly overpriced and full of punny names.
  90. >Chicken Young and Tenders, Jailbaiter tots, Lolizza.
  91. >To embarrassed to say these names out loud, you just make an order with normal names.
  92. >"Uh, can I get a cheese burger with a side of potato wedges?"
  93. >She jots your order down on a note pad that... you're not entirely sure where she was keeping.
  94. And to drink, Anon?
  95. >"Um..." You quickly try to scan the drinks
  96. If I can make a suggestion, we have a special cherry soda that's out of this world.
  97. >You don't really like cherry soda all that much, but you are not going to say no to that face.
  98. >Or to that ass.
  99. >"Sounds great."
  100. So that'll be one Flatty Patty with cheese, a side of Pedato wedges, and cherry pop. Anything else?
  101. >Oh god, why did she have to phrase if like that?
  102. >"N-no. That'll be fine."
  103. Okay, I'll be right back with your cherry pop. Don't go anywhere.
  104. >You are about lean back and let out a sigh of relief when she turns back around.
  105. Oh, and don't worry about starring. You can look as much as you want.
  106. >She give you a playful wink before turning around and walking towards the kitchen.
  108. >Alright, you've got permission, you aren't walking, and there's a table cloth hiding any possible boners.
  109. >You are going a stare a goddamn hole into that ass.
  110. >And what an ass!
  111. >Perched atop two perfectly slender legs, it looks to have just the right amount of fat to give a nice bounce with every step, but not enough to seem too big for her body.
  112. >This bounce easily noticed thanks to the tightness of the shorts.
  113. >And she seems to be drawing this out a much as possible, walking slowly and swaying her hips with step.
  114. >You almost want cry as it disappears from sight behind the kitchen door.
  115. >You take a moment collect yourself and finally let out that sigh.
  116. >As you try to relax, that becomes much harder when you remember that you are currently surrounded by top grade lolis in skimpy outfits.
  117. >Unsure of what to do now, you decide to take in the sights.
  119. >It's a beautiful sight.
  120. >So much supple young flesh proudly on display, you feel like you're in heaven.
  121. >You're almost certainly going to hell because of it, but it still feels like heaven.
  122. >While you've previously noted the variety of girls, you are now noticing the verity of personalities on display.
  123. >Some of the girls seem confident and seductive, while others seem really nervous. Some seem chipper and upbeat, while others look like they would rather be anywhere else.
  124. >This place really caters to a wide variety of tastes. You wonder how many trips it would take to sample them all?
  125. >The girls not talking to customers were active as well. You could see some hula hooping, playing with silly string, and dancing.
  126. >And by "dancing" you mean twerking.
  127. >Could you imagine Gwen doing that?
  128. >Before you can imagine such a glorious site, you see Gwen herself coming back with your drink in hand.
  130. >Game face Anon. Don't make an idiot of yourself. Again.
  131. Here's your drink, Cutie.
  132. >"Thank you." You manage to say without stuttering for once, taking the glass from her hand.
  133. >Taking a sip you find you really like it. Better than any other cherry soda you've had.
  134. >"Delicious."
  135. Yup, we order that soda special from Europe. Of course, we only bought if for the pun.
  136. >She winks.
  137. >"It's worth it."
  138. Mind if I sit with you?
  139. >You just barely manage to avoid choking on your soda mid-sip.
  140. >"What?"
  141. I don't have any other customers right now, so I can sit and chat while your food cooks. If you want me to, that is.
  142. >What do what do?! Don't panic. Play it cool.
  143. >"Sure."
  144. >Don't panic!
  145. Thanks.
  146. >She smiles and grabs a chair, but instead sitting across from you, she pulls it up close to your side.
  147. >PANIC!
  149. >Okay, breath Anon. You're just siting next to a little girl.
  150. >A very sexy little girl.
  151. >Wearing very little clothing.
  152. >In this frigged building you can feel the warmth coming off of her.
  153. >And the effects of this cold are very evident on her top.
  154. >With the closeness and the height difference, you can ALMOST see down said top.
  155. >So close... so... close...
  156. So...
  157. >Your brain fumbles as it tries to immediately switch gears.
  158. How'd you find out about this place?
  159. >Damn it penis, brain need blood now!
  160. >"Uh, my friend Incog is a regular here. He always talks about this place."
  161. I remember him. He's a really nice guy, especially if he's bringing more cute customers like you.
  162. >Yes! You are having a functional conversation. Keep it up. Ask her something!
  163. >"How long have you been working here?"
  164. >Good job Anon!
  165. A few years. I started working here because the pay was good. Truth be told, this place used to be a real dump until we got a new owner last year.
  167. >"Really?"
  168. Yeah. Actually, that's her over there.
  169. >She motions to a very attractive woman with short black hair and glasses, getting VERY friendly with a Raisins girl with brown hair tied into a ponytail.
  170. Ms. Chase really turned this place around. Before she came along, this place only had kid customers, everyone had the same vapid personality, tons of make-up, and all the girls had luxury car names for some reason.
  171. >"What was your car name?"
  172. Bugatti.
  173. >You stifle a laugh
  174. Hey, it's not my fault all the good one were taken.
  175. But that's a thing of the past, thanks to Ms. Chase. No more car names, wider clientele, varied personalities, and best of all, no more make-up. She said that if she wanted to run a business full of pint-sized whores caked in make-up, she would have started a midget clown brothel like her brother.
  176. >A midget clown brothel would sound amazing, if not for your crippling fear of clowns.
  178. Oh, but that's not all.
  179. >"There's more?"
  180. Yup. She also added "special events."
  181. >"Like what?"
  182. Scheduled theme days where all the girls where different outfits like bikinis, sexy halloween costumes, or a hula theme where we all wear grass skirts with leis tapped to our chests. Or competitions between the girls, where we have things like dance competitions, car washes, mechanical bull riding, or jello wrestling.
  183. One time we had basketball game. We accidentally ordered basketball jerseys and shorts that were too big. The shorts wouldn't stay on, but since the jerseys were so big, we decided to just forget the shorts. Then the loosing team had to work in the jerseys without showering. Man, we reeked of sweat.
  184. And some days we'll randomly change up the uniform. We could be wearing mini-skirts instead of shorts, go barefoot, or our special skimpy uniforms.
  185. >You swallow hard.
  186. >"Skimpy?"
  187. Yeah, even closer to underwear than these saucy little numbers.
  188. >"Well, I'm sorry I missed those."
  189. >Part of you is sorry, but the part that's thinking rationally is saying that if just listening to this stuff is giving you a raging hard-on, actually seeing them would probably kill you.
  190. >You're choosing to ignore the rational part of your brain.
  191. You should sign up for newsletter. That way you'll never miss a thing.
  193. >You immediately pull out your phone and sign up to the newsletter on their website as fast as possible. As you put your phone away, you notice the posture Gwen has taken. She is sitting with one leg perched up on the chair, and her hands resting on her raised knee.
  194. >You also notice something about the shorts she's wearing. While they are (wonderfully) tight around the pelvic region, the legs of the shorts seem a bit baggier.
  195. >This bagginess, combined with her current pose, allows you an even better view inside of her shorts.
  196. >You can now see even more of Gwen's wonderfully shaped thigh.
  197. >And you're close, so painfully close, to catching a glimpse at the panties hiding behind those shorts.
  198. >You stare intensely, as if trying to will those shorts to the side with you mind when your concentration is shaken by Gwen's voice.
  199. What do you think you're looking at?
  200. >You nearly have a heart attack when you quickly move your eyes from her crotch to her face. A face that's giving you a playful smirk.
  201. If you're hoping to see my underwear, I'm sorry, but you're out of luck. I never wear panties with my uniform.
  202. >Before your mind can even process the erotic bombshell that was just dropped on you, your attention is grabbed by a nervous sounding voice.
  203. H-here's your order. Uh, sweetie.
  205. >Standing by your table is a very nervous looking Raisins Girl with short blondish-brown (or brownish-blonde?) hair holding a tray of food.
  206. >Her face wasn't that of a grade-school sex goddess like Gwen. Her nose was a little big and her front teeth were a little jacked up.
  207. >She was still really cute though.
  208. >"Order? Oh right, food. Thank you."
  209. >She places the food on your table. An ordinary looking cheese burger and potato wedges.
  210. Thanks for grabbing the food Ri. You're a life saver.
  211. No problem Gwen.
  212. Now, why don't go and be cute somewhere?
  213. Sure thing Gwen. Bye Cutie.
  214. >As she turned to talk away, Gwen gave her a swift smack on the ass, causing the new girl to yelp in surprise.
  215. And don't forget to smile.
  216. >Blushing hard, the girl nodded to Gwen before scampering off.
  218. That was Riley, she's new. I've been showin' her the ropes. She's not quite ready to handle customers, so we have her taking food to tables and just being eye candy for now. She's so nervous she won't even join us in the showers after work. But she'll get the hang of it.
  219. >You try desperately not to focus on that shower comment for fear that you may start drooling.
  220. >You instead try to focus on your food.
  221. >It doesn't look poisons.
  222. >Then again, you're not entirely sure what poison food look like.
  223. >You take a bite of the burger.
  224. >It's okay. You've had better, but you've also had worse.
  225. How is it?
  226. >Gwen looks at you expectantly as you finish your first bite.
  227. >"It's great."
  228. >You're exaggerating, but you don't want to bad mouth the food in front of her.
  229. >Gwen giggles at that.
  230. Oh come on, our food is okay at best.
  231. >Wait, what?
  232. >"Um, are you it's okay for you to dis the food? Won't that get you in trouble?
  233. Nah, it's fine. Everyone knows you don't come here for the food. And I know food isn't the reason you came here.
  234. >As she says that, you feel something warm and smooth press against your leg.
  236. >When you first walked in here and felt how cold this place was, you regretted the choice to wear shorts.
  237. >You regret that decision no longer.
  238. >Gwen was slowing rubbing her slender leg up and down your legs.
  239. >After looking to confirm that was indeed what was happening, you look back at Gwen's face.
  240. >She has head resting in one hand as she smiles warmly at you.
  241. But you still eat up. It'd be a waste for it to get cold.
  242. >This was the third time you've forgotten that this place is a restaurant.
  243. >Failing to get any words out, you simply nod and return to your food.
  244. >You can't even taste it at this point. Your brain is preoccupied with far to many things for you sense of taste to even register right now.
  245. >You can't stop thinking about the leg slowly rubbing against yours.
  246. >You can't stop thinking about the beautiful smile she's giving you.
  247. >You can't stop thinking about the ever present "raisins" poking out beneath her tank top.
  248. >You can't stop thinking about the raging erection you have that's threatening to burst through the table if this keeps up.
  250. >You eat in silence.
  251. >She continues pushing you to the brink of insanity without even trying.
  252. >This continues on for a few minutes before you are once again interrupted.
  253. >Both a blessing, and a curse.
  254. >It's the tiara from earlier.
  255. Hey there cutie. Enjoying your first time?
  256. >"Yeh-" There's a forty word pile up in your throat with only a mouse-like squeak getting past your lips.
  257. >You clear your throat and try again.
  258. >"Yes. This place is great."
  259. >Better.
  260. Glad to hear it. Mind if I borrow Gwen for a bit? We've got a little performance to do.
  261. >You look over to Gwen, still giving you that smile. She gives a small nod, as if saying "you definitely want to see this."
  262. >"Uh, sure, I guess."
  263. >Gwen gets up and turns to you.
  264. I'll be back in a few minutes. Don't go anywhere.
  265. >As she says this she gently drags her fingers across your cheek as she walks away.
  266. >You feel your whole body shudder in anticipation.
  267. >Jesus Christ, is this girls a Russian sleeper agent that spent her life in a government charm school?
  268. >No child her age should be that seductive on purpose!
  270. >Now that the preteen sexual hurricane is gone, you try to take a moment to collect yourself.
  271. >It's not easy.
  272. >Eating doesn't seem to be helping.
  273. >You feel so sexually pent up it's like you haven't masturbated in a year and your heart is beating like you've been masturbating for a year straight.
  274. >This can not be healthy.
  275. >Before you can wonder if sexiness induced panic attacks are even a thing, the tiara girl's voice calls everyone's attention.
  276. Hey there cuties! If everyone having a good time?
  277. >A cheer rings out from nearly everyone there.
  278. >It would have been everyone you weren't nearly catatonic at this point.
  279. >With the tiara girl (you probably heard her name earlier, but your brain is pretty much fried at this point) are a few other Raisins girls, including Gwen, a blond haired girl with pigtails, an asian girl, and that girl you're pretty sure is a cat.
  280. Glad to hear it. It's the top of the hour, and you know what that means.
  281. >An even louder cheer rang out.
  282. That's right, it time for us to shake what our mamas gave us. Hit it!
  284. >A loud beat begins pulsing through the speakers.
  285. >Some club song you've never heard before, or at least one you've never cared enough about to commit to memory.
  286. >You're always going to remember this song now, because the images associated with it will be forever burned into you memory.
  287. >All at once the girls start dancing.
  288. >You use the term "dancing" in the more modern context, ie fucking the air with extreme prejudice.
  289. >There was a great deal of humping the air, grinding on each other, and shaking of various body part.
  290. >Every move was designed to entice the audience. And it was working.
  291. >Part way through the song they broke off from one another and spread out among the crowd.
  292. >They then proceeded to do what could only be described as lap dances for you fellow patrons.
  293. >And then, your eyes meet with Gwen's, and she proceeds to saunter over to you.
  295. >She walks right up to you.
  296. >Oh god.
  297. >Turns around.
  298. >Oh god!
  299. >Points that perfect ass directly at you.
  300. >Ohgodohgodohgod
  301. >Bends forward slightly with her hands on her knees.
  302. >OH GOD!
  303. >And proceeds to blow your mind.
  305. >In time with the music, she begins to shake the amazing directly in front of you.
  306. >The perfectly sculpted orbs bounce up and down, looking as if they are trying to break free of the confines of the tiny shorts.
  307. >And separate and then slam back together, over and over again like... like...
  308. >Fuck you are way to horny to come up with similes right now.
  309. >And it goes on the shorts seem ride up higher and higher, wedging themselves deep within the wondrous chasm.
  310. >They end riding so high in fact, that you can catch glimpses of bare cheek peaking out from the bottom of the shorts.
  311. >The music is pumping, the people are cheering, but you can't any of it. You can't process anything else around you.
  312. >You're locked in your own little world.
  313. >A perfect little world.
  314. >A world with nothing but you.
  315. >And the ass.
  317. Anon... Anon... Anon?
  318. >You suddenly come to. The music is gone and Gwen is back to sitting next you, looking concerned.
  319. >Was it all a dream? A hallucination brought on by sexually charged stress? Did they put something in the food?
  320. You've been zoned out since the dance. Are you okay?
  321. >Not a dream then. That's good.
  322. >"Yeah, I'm fine."
  323. >You're actually surprised at just how fine you are.
  324. >Your dick is still harder then titanium coated diamonds right now, but you're feeling strangely relaxed right now.
  325. >You certainly aren't worried about dying of heart attack here anymore.
  326. >It's like Gwen's ass shaking has hypnotized you into a state of horny inner-peace.
  327. >Or you really did have that heart attack and this is just what heaven looks like.
  328. >Either way, you're feeling great.
  329. That's good. Anyway, it looks like you're done with your food. Did you want anything else, or should I get your bill?
  331. >You look down and see that your food is gone.
  332. >You don't remember finishing, but you've had more important things on your mind.
  333. >You really want to stay, but you've got something you need to take care of, and the sign on the bathroom that says "2 minute" maximum on the bathroom doors tell you that you're not allowed to do it here.
  334. >"I think I'll take the bill now."
  335. >Gwen looks a little saddened by this news.
  336. Are you sure? Well, all right. I'll back with it in a few minutes. By the way, there's something under your seat to help you calm down a bit before you leave.
  337. >She turns to leave, and you don't stop watching her until she's out of view.
  338. >You reach under your seat and find a small compartment containing a Raisins branded orange blindfold.
  339. >This place thinks of everything.
  341. >You put on the blindfold and try to calm Lil Anon.
  342. >It's not going well.
  343. >You matter how hard you try, you can't go flaccid.
  344. >All you thought just keep going back to Raisins girls.
  345. >Even clowns aren't enough to keep you down.
  346. >You're about try imagining Donald Trump fucking your grandfather in the ass when you hear Gwen's voice again.
  347. Here's your bill, Anon.
  348. >You lift up your blindfold to see Gwen placing the bill in front of you.
  349. >"Thank you."
  350. No, thank you. Head up to the front desk to pay. Come back soon. I can't wait to see you again.
  351. >She walks away, and you can't stop yourself from staring longingly at that ass one more time.
  352. >Damn it, this blindfold isn't going to work.
  353. >Time for the trick that got you through middle school.
  354. >Looking around to make sure no one can see, you carefully move your dick up into the waistband of your pants.
  355. >It's not the most comfortable walk, but at least it'll be fully concealed.
  356. >You walk up to the front desk to pay your bill.
  358. >At the front desk you see that it's currently manned by another Raisins girl, this one with dark skin, and red hair in pigtails.
  359. Hey cutie, what can I do for ya?
  360. >"I'm here to pay my bill."
  361. >You take out your wallet and pull out enough cast to cover the food, plus a sizable tip for Gwen.
  362. Alright, would you also like to buy a Raisins calendar?
  363. >"Calendar?"
  364. >She motions behind her to a calendar hanging on the wall.
  365. >The picture on it actually shows the dark skinned girl you're talking to now, washing a yellow car in a skimpy orange and white bikini.
  366. Only $15.
  367. >That is overpriced for a calendar.
  368. >You don't use calendars.
  369. >The year is half over already.
  370. >"I'll take one, please."
  371. >You give her more money.
  372. Thank you very much.
  373. >She hands you a calendar wrapped in plastic.
  374. Of course, the version on the special edition calendar is much better.
  375. >Your interest is piqued.
  376. >"How so?"
  377. More suds, less swimsuit.
  378. >She gives you a playful wink.
  379. >Your interest is VERY piqued.
  381. >"How do I get my hands on one?"
  382. Well, they're only available to our VIP club members.
  383. >Your wallet doesn't like where this is going.
  384. >"Tell me more."
  385. Well, for ten dollars a month you get to be part of the VIP club. Whenever a club member spends money here, they earn points that lets them buy things from the VIP store.
  386. Things like special calendars, private dinners with girls, getting the girls to call you daddy for a day, access to the wrestle pit, and so on.
  387. >You have a burning need to find out what this "wrestle pit" is.
  388. >"You spend point in the VIP store?"
  389. No, the points are like XP in a video game. As you get more your level gets higher, and the higher it is, the more stuff you can buy.
  390. >Your brain is telling you this place will bleed you dry.
  391. >"Where do I sign?"
  392. >Your brain is not at the wheel right now.
  394. >Registering was a simple process.
  395. >You write down your name, birthday, and credit card information.
  396. >They charged the first monthly payment immediately.
  397. Alright, everything checks out. Welcome to VIP club Anon. As a special bonus, you get your first picture with a Raisins girl, free of charge.
  398. >Free, minus the ten dollar payment you just made.
  399. >"Do I get to pick which girl?"
  400. Of course.
  401. >"Can I get my picture taken with Gwen?"
  402. Of course, Anon.
  403. >This voice wasn't the front desk girl, but a familiar one coming from behind you.
  404. >You turn around to see Gwen's smiling face.
  405. I had a feeling thing would happen, so I stayed close by. Come on, let's go get that picture.
  407. >You follow the two girls to a small room behind the front desk. In it is a camera, some lighting equipment, a stool, and a number of pictures on the wall.
  408. >All the picture are over a person with a Raisin girl. You assume more VIP club members.
  409. >You recognize a few of them, like your friend Incog that recommended this place to you, and some more famous ones like Chris Hansen (you fucking knew it), and-
  410. >HOLY SHIT!
  411. >Is that Batman and Green Lantern with the cat girl?
  412. >Crazy.
  413. >You set the plastic bag with your calendar and take a seat on the stool.
  414. >The front desk girl walks behind the camera while Gwen stands beside you.
  415. >She puts one arm around you shoulder and leans up again you.
  416. >Her face is just inches from your and you've got birds eye view of her "raisins."
  417. >It's a good thing you decide to hide your boner instead of calming it, otherwise you'd be in trouble right now.
  418. >You set your hands awkwardly on your lap.
  419. Don't worry about touching me for the picture, just stay out of the bikini zones and you'll be fine.
  421. >You're about your arm her shoulder like she did, when you stop yourself.
  422. >She said "bikini" zone right? Not "swimsuit" zone?
  423. >Swimsuit zone might imply a one-piece, but bikini...
  424. >The image of the bouncer flashes in your mind, but you're not gonna let chance slip you by.
  425. >You wrap your arm around her midsection, placing your hand her exposed midriff.
  426. >She's touched you a number of times during your visit (like right now, for instance) but this is your first time touching her.
  427. >Feeling her smooth, soft, warm skin is mesmerizing.
  428. Well, are you a brave man?
  429. >She's giving you an encouraging smile, seemingly impressed with your boldness.
  430. >You feel revealed as the other gets your attention.
  431. Alright, smile you two. Say "Raisins!"
  432. >Before today, that word would never have gotten you to smile.
  433. >Now, you'll have to suppress a grin (and possible an erection) every time you see a shriveled up grape.
  434. >Both you and Gwen say "Raisins!" as the picture is taken.
  436. >The three of you walk back to the front desk and the dark skin prints out your picture.
  437. The you go. Plus, for signing up you also get a 10% off coupon to Carl's Little Big Top.
  438. >You take the picture and the coupon and place them in your bag with your calendar.
  439. >"What's "Carl's Little Big Top?"
  440. >Gwen chimes in.
  441. You remember that business the new owner's brother started?
  442. >"Oh? Oh! Uh, thank."
  443. Don't mention it. Be back soon Anon. We'll be waiting.
  444. >The girls wave to you as walk to the front entrance.
  445. >You wave back.
  446. >Your mind is in such a happy daze your mind doesn't even register the bouncer that scared you so much before.
  447. >You walk out the front door into the harsh light of day.
  448. >You had forgotten how cold it was inside, and the sudden shift in temperature shocked you out of your daze.
  449. >You take a moment to reflect on your current position.
  450. >You currently standing outside a restaurant.
  451. >Holding a bag with pictures of underage girls in skimpy outfits.
  452. >More aroused than you have been in your entire life.
  453. >With your erection tucked up into your waistband.
  454. >Now what?
  455. >You look down at your bag and remember your coupon.
  456. >It's pretty close by, and you are really, really horny.
  457. >Now might be a good time to try and overcome your fear of clowns.
  458. >And after that you're going job hunting.
  459. >You're gonna need a lot more money.
  461. The End.

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