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Chapter 1754 - Idiots? neat face
“Young girl, could I recognize your company name?” requested Deputy Director Zhang.
“Oh, my surname is Zhang, and you will call me Granddad Zhang,” claimed Deputy Director Zhang.
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Chu Peihan’s component was more valuable than Hao Ran’s and Zhang Tianping’s during the demonstrate, and she has got to be elderly official’s child. She would fight along with other gals inside the group of people who visited accepted the leading women position, then she was criticized.
At 8:30 am, Gu Ning and her close friends came to the snapping shots that is set in Hengdian World Studios. This time around, they relocated to another place for the modern scenarios, and would take in a street. Hao Jogged yet others would participate in pa.s.sers-by within the displays.
“Not on a daily basis,” explained Gu Ning.
Different people visited classes at various age range. Some ended up 17, although some were 18 at 12th level. Gu Ning went to university later than her peers, so she was already 19 soon after finis.h.i.+ng her schooling in senior high school.
Chapter 1722: Become an added
“Sure, Granddad Zhang,” Gu Ning identified as him as he needed.
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It had been already 7:30 am every time they reached Shengs.h.i.+ Resort, therefore they quickly completed morning meal within 10-20 minutes, then went to Hengdian Society Studios.
In truth, it absolutely was very hard for additional features to acquire this kind of probability, since they normally could only show their backside inside the video camera.
Chu Peihan recommended to make it nearly her, but Gu Ning was occupied then, hence they resolved to acheive it next year.
“Not everyday,” stated Gu Ning.
Lu Zhan found 7 am today, and was already very busy doing the job.
Deputy Director Zhang considered that Gu Ning’s family members must be involved in organization, and she would inherit her household business, in any other case she should check out a police academy supplied her remarkable potential in martial arts.
“Not every single day,” mentioned Gu Ning.
“Sure, Granddad Zhang,” Gu Ning known as him as he wished for.
Hearing that, Deputy Director Zhang was amazed. “The Money Institution? You must be an excellent student! Will probably be your household included in business?”
“You appear to be a student, correct?” expected Deputy Director Zhang.
“My name’s Gu Ning,” Gu Ning mentioned.
It didn’t imply that individuals with a high level of martial arts training obtained to check out a law enforcement academy, nonetheless it was difficult to get a career in world at present, and everybody should learn how to make better use of their strengths.
“Young woman, may I recognize your business?” asked Deputy Director Zhang.
Chu Peihan proposed to make it up to her, but Gu Ning was busy then, so they really decided to make it work next season.
He hadn’t appreciated a battle for an extended time. Although he was a member of a SWAT organization and all of those other associates on their workforce were definitely solid and competent, not many were definitely much like him. Consequently it wasn’t feasible for him in order to reach a fantastic match up, and this man needed to grab this opportunity to train his expertise.
Lu Zhan reached 7 am this morning, and was already very busy performing.
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With the knowledge that, Deputy Director Zhang nodded, and didn’t consider it was a poor selection. It was probably on account of her friends and family background, she discovered kung fu to guard herself.
It didn’t show that people that have a high amount of karate obtained to go to a cops academy, but it surely was difficult to find a position in modern society these days, and everyone should be able to make better use of their own strengths.
“Oh, my surname is Zhang, so you can contact me Grandfather Zhang,” reported Deputy Director Zhang.
At 8:30 am, Gu Ning and her good friends reached the taking pictures placed in Hengdian Community Studios. This time, they transferred to another place for the newest scenarios, and would capture for a street. Hao Ran yet others would participate in pa.s.sers-by in the scenes.
Joseph K. F. Mansfield, Brigadier General of the U.S. Army
“Yeah, I merely published the Countrywide University or college Front door Exam, and I’ll check out my university or college in certain days or weeks,” said Gu Ning.
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“Sure, Granddad Zhang,” Gu Ning known as him while he wished for.
Due to the fact Gu Ning possessed a compet.i.tion with Deputy Director Zhang, these people were running out of time so Gu Ning chosen to examination Chu Peihan’s levels the next time.

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