Youtube continues to show ads on my children watching videos that are related to babies such as baby sharks, and other channels. This has been my question for the past two months, since I started giving my baby girl the tablet with all the Youtube channels that are specifically created with babies in mind. These channels are meant to aid children develop, enhance cognitive abilities and advance both mentally and socially. I can see my daughter enjoying the content. She's always watching it with sparkling eyes and smiling, ready to fly off of her lips. However, I'm not able to comprehend the commercial breaks. My child is not an individual consumer, so why are you pushing at times not baby-like ads on my baby, YouTube?
The first thing to note is that babies aren't able to comprehend commercials. It's both a loss in money as well as a loss of resources. These aren't even infants! If they don't understand the message you're trying to convey then why do those ads to them as little infants? Is that in case parents or other baby care givers are watching, then they will be able to benefit from the ads? It's a bit unclear for me, and is getting frustrating.
The same is true for cat videos. I've recently discovered my cat is awed by these captivating videos for cats. The majority of them are mice or birds however, my cat watches them without moving for long periods of time. It's hunting, I suppose. The advertisements continue to interrupt these videos, and who are they trying to get? My cat isn't one of the viewers of those videos. To her, ads aren't important. Perhaps they're hoping my cat is watching them? To be fair, they are probably partially right. I tend to watch silly cat videos more frequently than I actually do anything useful.
And so I have found an excellent solution that I've been using recently. It basically involves downloading Youtube videos onto my computer, or onto my daughter's tablet and then playing them on the tablet. Do you understand the problem I'm talking about? This site allows me the option to keep video on my own computer and not to have it downloaded to Youtube every time my cat is interested in watching birds. The file is saved to my desktop after double-clicking it. VLC automatically plays the video without commercials, and my cat has fun.
The same process applies to all baby video and channels. All the videos my daughter enjoys watching, I just download them from Youtube to my PC and then transfer them onto her table. Even if it's be just a couple of songs, I will do it on her tablet. It's far easier to use this website using my desktop computer, and then drag the files to wherever you want. Maybe it's just me being old school.
This is a great way of saving mobile data. When the downloading of videos from Youtube became reality I needed to keep my tablet connected to the internet, either through a hotspot connected to my mobile or I'd have the option of a separate data plan for my tablet itself, when we traveled for an excursion.. Data is very expensive when you're traveling with in the middle of nowhere... This is why my data usage dropped 3-4 times, now we were able to roll over a small amount of data for the following months. This was quite a shocker for us. Normally, we'd be charged to use our monthly limit 2-3 times.. This is why I suggest to all young parents and pet owners that you download your videos from Youtube and other sites to your device, save to MP4 format, and then enjoy them at any time without additional data usage.
I'm thrilled that you enjoyed my suggestions and tricks for data - and Internet rich households. I know this sounds like a little ridiculous.

Created: 06/08/2022 03:39:56
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