This is the story of a heartbreaking loss, a miraculous find and the happy times that came in the aftermath. Hello! Today, I am going to talk about the most shocking loss and the most amazing discovery. My life was completely turned upside down when my most loved, and most hated Galaxy S9 phone went missing. This was a catastrophe.

The other part was resolved when I had my phone secured with my fingerprint. My data should not be placed in danger, and bank accounts must be safe. It's not about the safety or drawbacks of losing one's phone.. youtube convert This isn't about trying be without a phone for few minutes. Hehe. I survived..

Google and Facebook are on the way to help us

You probably noticed that my first instinct was the restoration of all my "life's" data. I began searching for it first. You may be aware that android and google allow seamless backups of your photos and videos. This saved me many hours while I copied all the photos and videos I have had back up in the course of time. I HOPE Google is doing a great job! LOL. I'm not religious. I'm an atheist. =)

But after a few hours of old and new memories, I realized there was a massive LIVE video porting of them missing. Yes, all of the live streaming videos I've ever uploaded to Facebook were missing. I desperately needed these videos... I'm unable to sleep until I have all my videos back...

After much searching, I found the answer. Facebook's video downloader that saved me in the final.

Thank you, Youtube Video Downloader that integrates with Facebook It's awesome! We are grateful!

I downloaded this easy and well-designed facebook downloader. It's as easy as that:

1. go to Facebook and then open the video you want to download.

2. Right-click on the URL, or tap and hold to open the menu.

3. Visit the Facebook video downloader's website Click in the box, and then copy the URL using the right click and paste button the URL, tap-n'-hold, or tap-n–hold.

4. Click GO, and then hold for a few seconds

5. Click the red button that reads "Download HD Video" on the next screen

This is all!

It's that easy, even your grandmother is able to do it! Here's what it appears when you upload the URL of your video.

I was able to get all of my Facebook videos restored in only a few hours after finding this site (yes it's an avid video-watcher with approximately 60 videos)


It is easy to download Facebook videos directly. It is easy to accomplish and you must consider giving it a shot! If you're looking to restore your YouTube library using keepvid, you can do so with the help of this tool. It even works to convert YouTube mp3s... However, don't be concerned. Restoring the videos you have downloaded and downloading them is completely legal. It is even legal to download your company's party video and store the file on your mobile. =)

Hope this article is helpful.

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