How to use a dog blow dryer safely? Looking for the high velocity dog dryer to help keep your canine friend looking cleaner, shinier, and healthier? If so, here are some points you need to think about before investing in a dog hair dryer.


Remember that dogs are sensitive to high noise levels and that's why they fear loud noises. Thus, the very first thing you need to check for is the noise level, and get a hair dryer for dogs, which has minimum noise. Whether a dryer is likely to be quiet running or noisy, all of it is based on its construction so, to gauge the noise level precisely, you should go throughout your dryer's construction.



Velocity means the speed with which a dryer can shoot the air currents out. Therefore, it's always advised to choose a high velocity dog dryer since it will help you get the job done quickly. Generally, the average dryers have an airspeed of around 25-50 m/s.


Check whether your dog dryer blower has an adjustable temperature feature or not. You'll surely never desire to hurt your beloved pet by exposing him to a dryer that's too hot or too cold for him. If possible, obtain the dog paw cleaner and dryer that can be set to the goldilocks mode so your pet feels super comfortable through the entire drying session.


Speed adjustment

Based on experts, getting dog blow dryers with adjustable speeds are worth purchasing. How? Well, by changing the speeds, you are able to dry the fragile areas of the body of your pet without being too harsh on them. Like, you can reduce steadily the speed of your dog grooming dryer for drying his eyes, face, and ears.


Last however not least, check for the housing material of a dog hair dryer before buying it. You will get dryers with both stainless steel housing and plastic housing.

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