The long journey to home for Thanksgiving is always interesting. I take lectures with me. Here are the most recent events that have occurred in my life. youtube download video My online college is where I'm learning, but it's helping me to get ready for my dream job as an influencer on Youtube. Youtube influencer or Youtube celebrity. My total number of followers is nearly 1800. You might be laughing at this, but I've already begun on this path. I know it's not much, but with patience and lots of positive thinking plus exclusive content of great ideas, I'll become that celebrity. If you're dedicated, you'll get to where you want to go as Nas said many years ago. I have always respected his comments.

My long journey home was bound to be just like any other. I hate spending time stuck in the tiny bus seat, as I am quite a bulky person. The last time I was stuck, I decided to beat boredom. That's right! Two classes at my college include a great number of lectures. They are hosted on their servers but they are also available uploaded to Youtube. Youtube offers several quality options. It has been extremely beneficial for my instructors and I have copied their lectures onto Youtube.

As I get ready for an 8-hour bus ride I am thinking about what to do, how I can enjoy myself, and perhaps even some mental work. In any case, I viewed the video clips from my next 3 lectures, there was nearly 7hrs of just the listening material. I had to download the video onto my iPad. I simply listened to the lecture while I took the bus back from Thanksgiving. YouTube mp3 Converter proved helpful in this regard.. First, I converted the YouTube video into MP3 before downloading the file to my phone to stop my iPad from becoming too fast or too young. I only did audio for my phone, as I'm not sure if I'll have enough space there, and the audio lecture is just like podcast, plus nothing really visual happens in these lectures. The content is presented in a way that makes it seem like viewers are between 2 and 3 years old. So it's very easy to comprehend, even if you are not actually watching but just listening. I then converted the videos to mp3 format and prepared my headphones. I don't have the costly new Airpods and so I'm still using my cheap headphones.

I also saved YouTube videos to my iPad as MP4s, which proved to be an absolute help during the early hours of my trip. Video is great as it allows you to know what's going on and what the teacher is doing. Otherwise it's just an audiobook. MP3s are smaller than MP4, and I was able to not accommodate all seven hours of video onto my iPad. I'm not willing to remove Family Guy from Hulu for the trip, as well for the moment in case my brain began to melt due to the countless lectures.

I was glad that I carried the video and audio lectures. I lost my iPad after about two hours. Finally my phone began to work. I was just listening to the audio, not watching it, so it was able to continue all the way to my destination. When college resumed, it was very easy for me to recall what I'd learned on my trip and impress my instructor with my knowledge. It's amazing what technology can do to make studying easier. Youtube and other video storage sites offer infinite knowledge, with tutorials and DIY tutorials. This is worth considering.

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