BTS T shirt for women

Today we will talk about a new trending Indian top, and as always, you have got it in your hand. The BTS T shirt is one of our most-liked picks this season. The fans cannot stop admiring its beautiful pattern designs, which have never been seen on any other tee. Let us take a look at what they revealed today!


BTS T Shirt 


The BTS merch store T-shirts are available on their official site and online stores such as Flipchart, Amazon India, etc. Now, let us begin with some very interesting details about them. They say that the brand was launched by two groups: J-Hope from boy group Halsey and RM from rapper SZA of South Korean origin. Both these groups started working together after seeing each other’s fan following. RM was then joined by another boy group called Black pink, which also became active on social media. At first, they did not plan on having much collaboration in the future, but when the time came, they decided they were ready for anything.

“We met through Instagram because a lot happened within the last year or so, and I asked him if he would like to work with me. He said yes, so we clicked right away, and we hit it off right away,” says an insider. Also, both RM and J-Hope had become friends while pursuing music careers, and RM had done his graduation from college. The two then spent a few months designing outfits for the Boy Scout movement before moving forward. “It was during the process of developing that Black pink members started getting involved, and since then, things grew,” adds the source.

It all started with the best T shirt in 2012.

The story goes back to 2012 when the boys had taken inspiration from various artists and styles for their clothing campaigns. In 2013, BTS then went ahead to launch N’MON, their line of products inspired by the bands from their earlier collections. This campaign received rave reviews, especially from all around the globe, including from the US and UK, for being extremely stylish and comfortable. Recently, the band also collaborated with Adidas for exclusive shoes that come in black, white, and pink colors. And although in 2016, they took over Nike for a limited edition sneaker line featuring Swae Lee of South Korea and Travis Scott of Texas. These sneakers are made of soft materials like cotton, leather, and woolen fibers and are very popular among K-pop girl groups.

And now the biggest reveal yet. BTS released several more promo videos to announce their latest collection featuring models wearing their uniforms or accessories. One clip shows the girls posing in formal costumes, and one video shows them posing in casual clothes. All the new merch from the label includes sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies, dresses, bags, scarves, hats, and earrings. Many celebs have shown interest in the items, including singer Yoona Kim, actress Shira Haas, model Adore Delano, and supermodel Gigi Hadid. From there onwards, fans will be able to get access to all the fashion updates.

BTS is gearing up for its sold-out concert event in Dubai from August 1st to 30th, 2022. However, fans can expect high energy from the concerts. Check it out here.


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