Title -Experience the Desert Safari and Setting up camp in Jaisalmer

An astonishing measure of brilliant daylight over the ceaseless huge sands of the desert to the extent that your eyes can see allows you to encounter the adventure of the desert safari in Jaisalmer. This spot is the objective for any voyager looking for a thrill. You won't track down one more extraordinary method for investigating the desert locale of the Brilliant City other than the Desert Safari in Jaisalmer alone.

The excursion to Jaisalmer might comprise of walking around the brilliant sand rises as the sun sears you. It could be a rough camel ride on a completely brightened camel in conventional and sparkling mirror work. It very well may be just anything as there are a few fascinating intentions for making your desert safari trip the most essential one.

This talks about the daytime visits, the evenings in Jaisalmer is loaded with energetic dress in people's dance exhibitions. Guests woods to the tunes of Rajasthani music and nearby exhibitions typified by conventional food - Rajasthani Thali and the backups with music.


There are two types of Desert Safari in Jaisalmer

  • Camel Safari

The creature conveys travelers and guests on its back across the immense sand rises of Rajasthan. In the bygone eras, camels were the main vehicle to convey merchandise starting with one spot then onto the next in the desert sands where no other vehicle could travel. It is suitably given the title ‘Ship of the Desert’.

  • Jeep Safari

Assuming the speed of the jeep safari in the shady tempests of the desert sands thrills you then this is one extraordinary action that you ought to test. This is one of the most famous traveler action in Jaisalmer. The jeep is uncovered on top making the safari significantly more open so that you might be able to see the nature.

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