Ranthambore Tiger Safari - Is it worth it?

Are you unsure if you should book a Ranthambore safari with tigers? This is how it works and what you should do.

Ranthambore Tiger Safari in Sawai Madhopur has been voted one of the top places in India to spot tigers. Ranthambore was close to our Golden Triangle visit, so we went there in hopes of seeing India's national animal, the Bengal Tiger.

Logically speaking, the odds of us being successful were not in our favor with only 50 tigers covering nearly 400 km. However, I chose to believe that we would be fortunate.


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Ranthambore Safari: Best Time to Visit

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is open from October through the end of June. The monsoon keeps it closed to visitors for the remainder of the year.

Ranthambore Tiger Safari and seeing tigers is best when it rains. This is from April through June. It can heat up to 40 degrees Celsius, but animals are encouraged to venture out of the enclosure by the lack of water.

Avoid October if you can.

Ranthambore winter

Ranthambore was cold in February when we visited it. It is cold in the mornings, so bring warm clothes and a scarf if you plan to sit in an open jeep.

Ranthambore Tiger Safari

Ranthambore Tiger Safari is located in Sawai Madhopur (Rajasthan). It is located approximately 400km from Delhi, and 180km from Jaipur (the capital of Rajasthan).


I recommend the train. It is faster and cheaper, and it takes only 5 hours if you book in advance. It takes 7 to 8 hours by car.

From Jaipur

It takes about 3,5 hours by train or car to get from Jaipur, India, to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. However, the road isn’t very good. Again, I recommend the train.

It was a bumpy ride from Pushkar to Sawai Madhopur. Pre-booking a taxi was a better option as it would be quicker. However, the driver lost his way in the fog and ended up driving for 11 hours. The driver pulled up in front of some local men as we passed through a small village at night. He suggested that we stay there until the fog lifts.

This was just one month after the horrible gang rape, murder, and kidnapping of a Delhi girl. We were not going to stop! I wasn't going to be afraid of being attacked and he didn't seem to care if I did. So I told him to KEEP MOVING. I didn't sleep well that night because I was trying to make sure he didn’t stop at any place he wasn’t supposed.

We arrived at our hotel at 6.30 am, ready to go on the Ranthambore Tiger Safari at 7 AM. I was exhausted and could not go to sleep. I was able to sleep for a few minutes, but the tour guide arrived at our room and said, "Let's go find some tigers!"

Ranthambore safari booking

  • Price: $42 per person
  • Book here: tourmyindia.com
  • If you are Looking for the Luxury Resort in Ranthambore for your stay then Ranthambore tiger Resort is the best option for you in my opinion you can visit 

Timings for Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore Safari is open from the 1st of October to the 30th of June.

Two safaris can be joined per day. Each safari takes around three hours. You'd be best to go on the morning tour as tigers tend to be more active in the morning.

  • Two safaris per day: 6 am & 2 pm
  • Duration 3 Hours

Ranthambore safari cost

Ranthambore Canter Safari prices are INR 1100 per person for a shared Canter. It was booked through us You can also book it directly through our website also.

Ranthambore National Park animals

Ranthambore National Park is home to many wonderful bird species. This park is home to many birds, including flycatchers, flamingos, and sarus cranes.

Deer are also common. And tigers, if you're lucky.


You are responsible for your actions

We had to sign a declaration before we entered the park. It basically stated that we would not sue Ranthambore Tiger Safari if a tiger attacked us and that we would not sue them if a tiger ate us.

Ranthambore is the best place to see tigers

The park is divided into 10 areas. Zones 1-5 is the core zones. zones 2 and 3 are the best places to spot tigers. Because there are three lakes in Zone 3, it is the most popular. This area is thought to be Ranthambore's best habitat as they will come here for water.

Although we didn't know it at the time, it would not have been a problem as you have no control over which zone you go to. The Ranthambore Tiger Reserve management decides this.



Ranthambore Tiger Safari: Should you go?

It is a difficult question.

We didn't see any tigers, and I haven’t met anyone who has. I tend to say no. Many stories from the Internet will prove otherwise.

You will have a better chance of seeing a Tiger if you go on more safaris. If you are lucky enough to be able to see the best areas, your odds are in your favor.

Just like with everything else, you need to be realistic about your expectations. You won't see tigers on the Ranthambore safari if you don't expect them to. It's possible to be lucky, but it's still a chance you should take. Accept those odds if you are willing to take them on!

Stay at Ranthambore Tiger Resort 

We were not able to see any tigers but we were very happy with the Ranthambore Tiger Resort.

Ranthambore's Tiger safari resort had a great pool, wonderful rooms, and extremely helpful staff. We had previously ordered a taxi from Agra for the evening, but the driver did not show up.

Sawai Madhopur, which is in the middle of nowhere, makes it difficult to get to Agra. We didn't have enough time. The hotel manager was extremely understanding. He called me and told me that his nephew could drive me. It would cost us less than the other company (which was pretty cheap).

The manager was great, and we had a wonderful trip to Agra. As you can see, I have nothing but praise for this hotel. 

Ranthambore, one of the most popular wildlife destinations in India, is located in the Sawai Madhopur District of Rajasthan. The Ranthambore Bore Tiger resort one of the Best Resorts in Ranthambore has been providing a memorable stay to its guests since 2006. It's a beautiful resort, surrounded by Aravalli hills, that offers a unique and unforgettable experience to the people, providing great peace of mind. The location is also easily accessible. It is just a kilometer away from the National Park. Also, The Nearest Railway station is just 12 kilometers away in Sawai Madhopur and the Jaipur Airport is 150 kilometers from the property.





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