Thaumatin Is Frequently Used to Mask Bitterness and Improve Flavour

Although thaumatin's sweetness level is relatively high and it builds gradually, it is frequently used to cover bitterness and enhance flavours. In your neighbourhood supermarket's baking section, you could have trouble locating traumatic, but you might be more successful in one of the natural/organic grocery stores.

Thaumatin has been used for many years, is regarded as a safe substance, and has undergone past human and animal safety testing. Because it is a protein, unlike many other sweeteners, it is metabolised by the body in the same manner as other proteins. Studies have revealed that it has no effect on body weight or blood sugar levels like other sweeteners can. This is the cause of it. is beneficial for people who have diabetes or who check their blood sugar levels. On the other hand, table sugar just serves to increase energy and can significantly increase the number of calories in a diet.

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Created: 25/01/2023 11:30:25
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