Terahertz Technologies Is Non-Invasive

Another benefit of THz technology is its high resolution imaging capabilities. THz waves can be used to create highly detailed images of a wide range of materials, including biological tissue, plastics, and semiconductors. This makes it a valuable tool for medical imaging, as it can be used to create detailed images of the body without the need for ionizing radiation, which is used in X-ray and CT scans. THz imaging can also be useful in the field of drug discovery, as it can be used to image the structure of small molecules and proteins in solution.


Terahertz Technologies also has a non-invasive nature, which is beneficial in a wide range of applications. This technology can be used to measure the thickness of materials without damaging them, and it can also be used to detect defects in materials without the need for destructive testing. This makes THz technology a valuable tool for quality control and material testing in a wide range of industries, including aerospace and automotive.

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