5 Best Minecraft Servers For Android In 2022

Minecraft Pocket Edition is supported on Android and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store. It is a hugely popular mode of the game and lets Minecrafters stay engrossed in their favorite blocky universe even while on the go.

Thousands of players log in monthly with Android devices into Minecraft Pocket Edition. With the version seeing this much success, several servers have popped up (all joinable with an Android device, of course).

Due to the overwhelming number of Minecraft Pocket Edition servers out there, it can be hard to navigate to the best ones that are worth joining. This article explores all such servers with the best gameplay features, unique design, and overall fun factor.

Note: All servers on this list use the default Minecraft Pocket Edition port (19132).

Best Minecraft Pocket Edition servers to join on Android

#1 - Mineplex IP: pe.mineplex.com

Mineplex pocket edition is the biggest and perhaps best Minecraft Pocket Edition server and can easily be connected to any Android device.

On this server, players can play the same minigames they love from the regular Java version on their phones. Some of the most popular game modes on the server include survival games, skywars, draw thing, bridges, and cake wars.

The server provides a fantastic scope of content, showing that Pocket Edition servers aren't limited by any arbitrary factors, even if the game is played on a mobile rather than a PC.

#2 - NetherGames IP: play.nethergames.org

NetherGames is another huge Minecraft Pocket Edition server that can be joined with an Android device. It has thousands of players at peak times, ensuring there will always be others to play with.

NetherGames has proven time and time again to be a server of top quality and innovation, with a full-time dedicated team of developers and builders. Everything seen on the server is entirely tailor-made.

Popular game modes here that are proven hits with players include bedwars, creative, duels, murder mystery, and skywars.
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#3 - Ownage Network IP: ownagepe.com

Ownage Network is a great PvP oriented server accessible from any Android device with Minecraft Pocket Edition installed. It offers myriad game modes for players to enjoy, including kitpvp, factions, and skyblock.

Ownage Network also boasts an impressive 250,000 unique player logins since its conception, and hundreds of players online simultaneously enjoying the server at peak hours.

#4 - ECPE Network IP: ecpehub.net

ECPE is primarily a factions-focused Minecraft Pocket Edition server. It has heavy PvP elements and is regarded commonly as the best Minecraft PE factions server by the community.

ECPE earns its greatness through its arsenal of custom features, including daily king-of-the-hill events, boss events, and over 150 completely custom enchantments native to the server. For those looking for a sole factions server to play on, this is a must-try.

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