Minecraft Free Server: How To Create A Minecraft Server For 24/7 Hosting

Minecraft has become a well-known game over the years. Mojang released the game in November 2011 and it is still one of the most loved games. What makes Minecraft special is the ability to create your own narratives and game modes using a free Minecraft server. Additionally, you can create a free Minecraft server to host private games with your friends. A private server gives you the ability to modify your Minecraft world in many ways. If you wish to create your own free Minecraft server, then we have got you covered. Below is an easy guide on how to set up your private Minecraft server. It's easy to follow:

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Minecraft server is a way to host a private game with your friends. It allows you to play a game in a customisable setting and transform your world to look a certain way or spawn certain types of bosses to defeat. The Minecraft server also offers the option to create mini-games by tweaking a few settings here and there. Apart from this, it lets you make the game even more interesting using various customisation options to create your own adventure. If you need some ideas for your private Minecraft server, you can check out what some of the best Minecraft servers offer.

Here's how to make a Minecraft server free of charge for 24/7 hosting.

How to make Minecraft server for free for 24/7 hosting

Before you start creating a private Minecraft server, you need to ensure that you have Java installed on your PC or laptop. If you don't have Java on your PC, you can download it from here and install it on your system. Once you have made sure that Java is installed on your PC, you can follow these steps to create your own free Minecraft server:

- Head over to the official Minecraft Java Edition server download page and download the Minecraft_server.1.18.2.jar file - Make a new folder on your desktop and name it 'Minecraft server' - Copy and paste the .jar file into the Minecraft server folder

- Open the eula.txt text file using a text editor

- Change eula=false or eula=true if you agree to the End-user License Agreement

- Open Command Prompt by entering cmd in the search box.

- Copy the path of your Minecraft Server folder by clicking on the box beside the search bar

- Now go to Command Prompt and type cd, hit space, and paste the path of the Minecraft Server folder

- Hit enter and then type Java -jar Minecraft_server.1.18.2.jar

- Your free Minecraft server is now ready

To launch your Minecraft server, open Minecraft and click on the Add Server button. Next, enter "op your Minecraft username' to create an admin role. Your server will continue to run as long as you host it. The best way to run your private Minecraft server 24/7 is to turn an old spare PC into a dedicated Minecraft server.

How to add other players to your free Minecraft server

You can share your private Minecraft server locally if all of your friends are connected to the same network. To add players online you need to share an external IP address with your friends. You can find your IP address by searching "What if my public IP address" in your web browser. It is important to remember that your IP address should not ever be shared publicly. You should only share it with a limited circle of friends who you play with and trust.

Are there any Minecraft server hosting websites?

There are several websites that offer free Minecraft server hosting. These websites have some restrictions. You may need to buy add-ons to customize the server. In some cases, Minecraft server hosting websites lack proper support from the creators. Free Minecraft server hosting websites come with a player limit, so you can use these if you want to play on a private server with just a few friends. Before you register for any Minecraft server hosting website, check out which features they provide. Minecraft You should look out for DDoS protection, server backups and great customer service.

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