Setting Up A Dedicated Server For Gaming

Nondedicated (also known as Listen Mode). This setup allows you not only to host a gaming session but also allows you the possibility of playing at the computer. This sounds great, but it is likely that your computer is already maxed out from running a single-player match. It is almost impossible to get your computer to keep track of six to seven other players, send out constant messages, and update your screen thirty times per second with amazing 3D graphics. They will. Unfortunately, when computer games become overloaded, they tend to prioritize things so that the local player's game runs smoothly, sometimes waiting hundreds of milliseconds before getting around to tending to requests from remote PCs. This processing delay, while not as bad as a bad "ping time", is what you want to avoid at LAN parties. It can cause a lot of bad blood in a competitive environment, as one person at your party (the machine at the other end) experiences no lag.

- Dedicated. Gaming This configuration will allow your computer to produce no fancy graphics. Instead, it uses all of its processing power for keeping track of where everyone is and who was shot who and transmitting that information back immediately to all clients. In other words, dedicated servers are the only way to go.

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