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Grid blocks and ceramic saddles are used extensively in the refining, chemical, and petrochemical industries. Ceramic saddles are created by sintering ceramic with the aid of binder material. Through sintering the powder at high temperatures, a strong structure is formed, resulting in superior wear resistance and high resistance to corrosion.

The ceramic tower packaging

Ceramic tower packaging is one form of packing that is utilized within the petroleum and natural gas industries to separate gas from fluids. These towers of ceramic are created of ceramics and are utilized for high-temperature applications. Ceramic tower packings are:

  • Low friction, high performance, and high resistance to chemicals
  • Lifespan longer than other types of packing (up five times longer)
  • No metal contamination

Ceramic saddles

Ceramic saddles serve as the packing for column towers at refineries and petrochemical plants, and other industries. A ceramic saddle is an element that is used to hold the water pipe's oil. Ceramic saddles are constructed from high-strength porcelain, and glass fiber-reinforced epoxy composite material. It has exceptional mechanical properties and a long service life that can be used for a long time without any specific maintenance requirements.

Grids of ceramic

Grids of ceramic are utilized to provide support to the tower packing made of ceramic. The ceramic tower packing is constructed from high-quality ceramic and is available in various dimensions and shapes. They are available in various designs to meet the needs of our customers.

Ceramic Grid Blocks can be made by us at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility using top-quality raw materials obtained from reliable suppliers. Our products are well-known for their strength, durability, performance, and long-lasting service.

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