Points to take into account to know how to choose a screen


Surely it has happened to all of us to see a television on display and immediately imagine how incredible it would look in our home. However, buying new intelligent display Solutions goes beyond a beautiful design or the size of its panel.

SmartTV or conventional screen

Thanks to the various streaming services that exist today we can get more out of our television since you can choose the type of content you want to view. But to be able to enjoy these services directly on your television it is necessary that the screen you are going to acquire is SmartTV .

Something that we must point out to know how to choose an embedded LCD display is the difference between a high-end SmartTV screens with an average SmartTV. This can be summed up by the processor model that they implement, which, the more cores as well as the GHz they incorporate. The greater the speed that they will offer to use all the applications on the screen with greater fluency. Uart TFT LCD Display Module‎



We all like to enjoy our content with the highest intelligent display module quality, so we seek the highest screen resolution. But it is important that you know the difference between the different resolutions to know how to choose a screen. 

Let's start with the HD definition (1280 x 720 pixels), you will find this resolution on cheap and small screens, do they look good? In fact, yes, however, if we take this resolution to a higher screen with a size larger than 32 inches the image will lose quality as the pixels would have to open wider.

Now let's talk about the Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), the image quality is superior and the majority of streaming services as well as open or pay TV transmit their content in this resolution, the intelligent LCD module is ideal to display this definition with good Quality is on a screen size of up to 55 inches. TFT LCD Module Resistive Touch Panel

For the most demanding and who like to be at the forefront, their best option will be to opt for a 4K screen (3840 X 2160 pixels). If the Full HD definition is of excellent quality, now imagine what the quality of a 4K resolution will be like. 

Screen sizes

If you want to buy LCD display module, a large smartTV, ideally it should be a television with a higher resolution.

If it is less than 32 inches, an HD resolution is enough, greater than 32 to 55 inches, a Full HD definition will be more than enough. A screen greater than 55 inches will be perfect to enjoy 4K resolution. 

How to choose a screen based on your technology

Perhaps it has ever happened to you to watch TFT LCD touch screen televisions with the same resolution, the same size, but for some reason the image looks different. This is due to the technology they implement in their panels. Intelligent LCD Module

Someone remembers plasma screens were the first technology that was implemented in flat screens, later they were replaced by LCD screens.  Finally, they were replaced by LED panels and, as the name implies, these screens are made up of small LEDs.

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