I strongly advise against using illegal means to watch anime, including websites that offer unlicensed content. Not only is this against the law, but it also negatively impacts the anime industry and its creators.

However, if you're looking for legitimate ways to watch anime with English dubs for free, here are a few options:

  1. Official streaming platforms: Many anime series are available on official streaming platforms, such as Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu, with English dubs included. Some platforms offer a free version with ads, while others require a paid subscription.

  2. Free trial periods: Streaming platforms often offer free trial periods, during which you can watch anime for free. Take advantage of these trials to check out new anime series, including those with English dubs.

  3. Local broadcasts: Some local TV stations may air anime series with English dubs. Check your local listings to see if any anime series are being broadcast in your area.

  4. DVD/Blu-Ray releases: DVD and Blu-Ray releases of anime series often include English dubs as an option. You can rent or purchase these releases from your local video store or online retailers.

Remember, watching anime through illegal means not only supports piracy but also takes revenue away from the creators, studios, and industry as a whole, who rely on these sales to continue producing new content. Support the anime industry by choosing legal and legitimate options to watch your favorite series.

Created: 12/02/2023 18:23:28
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