Subaru stared down at the scale with a shocked grimace, frozen in disbelief. A drop of sweat rolled down her cheek. Was the stupid thing broken? Nothing like this had happened to her in years, so why now!?

The "55kg" displayed on the dial was keeping her frozen in place, sitting in the pit of her stomach like lead.

Nervously, she raised a set of trembling hands to her stomach. Surely this was some mistake, right? The machine was busted? Her clothes were a lot heavier than she thought? Water weight from lunch? She couldn’t have… gotten *fatter*…



She understood from the moment her fingers made contact with her soft skin that the scale had made no mistake. Where she’d expected to feel a toned surface and the lines of her hips was something foreign, something plush getting in the way. Pinching at it, she was able to bunch up a solid handful of what was unmistakably pale chub and jiggle it around.

She’d gained weight.

”I’m gonna become foie gras at this rate…"

Subaru prepared to begin thinking back on the past several months to determine what could have caused this, but the answer came to her surprisingly quickly. Certainly, her daily schedule in the past half year or so had been radically different from her usual. This was thanks, of course, to that pesky virus going around. With quarantine policies constantly flip-flopping about as well as social distancing rendering many casual physical activities no longer a viable source of recreation, leaving the house became a lot less appealing. She couldn’t realistically satisfy *any* of her favorite outdoorsy hobbies anymore except jogging alone, and even then she was at risk of getting dirty looks from police and the elderly.

The results of all this had been cruel and simple: she’d stayed locked up in her home for weeks on end, left with little to do but stream and chat with friends. Unable to relax and release stress in the ways she most preferred, she’d ended up spending most of her free time between work sitting flat on her ass and sighing in boredom. There was nothing interesting to do, so that was all she could think of doing: nothing.

Unfortunately, having had little experience doing lots of nothing in her fairly active lifestyle up to this point, she wasn’t aware of the many pitfalls of complacency. With her routine broken, she’d done even less than simply “not exercise”; she’d hardly moved at all. With her whole social network readily accessible at her fingertips, she’d spent hours upon hours unmoving in her desk chair, unmotivated to do even basic activities like going to the restroom or getting up to cook until she absolutely HAD to.

Speaking of, cooking had started to feel like a real chore lately. Without family or friends to sit around a table and chat with while eating, the whole process felt laborious and lonely. She’d eventually found that it was much more appealing to simply make a microwavable dinner and bring it back to her PC than spend ages preparing a homemade meal in silence.

Finally, she’d picked up a nasty habit at some point: snacking between meals. A combination of her increasing lethargy and a nagging desire to relieve stress had begun to make junk food seem irresistible. A bag of greasy potato chips or a bucket of buttered popcorn was a wonderful thing; she could position one near her computer and munch on it whenever she felt bored or annoyed without even moving. They were like little hits of dopamine, and the more she ate, the more dependent she grew on their presence. Now, hardly a day went by when her desk wasn’t loaded with bags of crisps, candies, and soda bottles.

Subaru gingerly rubbed a hand over her newly acquired muffintop while her other searched for any differences in her rear. She let out a “tch…” as there, too, she could feel a thin film of plushness burying her previously toned glutes.

Yes, everything had been building to *this*. She’d been denying it for a while, but it was clear now; as long as this virus was keeping her locked up, her natural lifestyle wasn’t going to cut it. The number on the scale would only keep going up if she didn’t start making some changes.

Tomorrow… she’d officially begin a diet!

…of course, that meant the rest of today was totally free game.

She grabbed a pint of vanilla ice cream on her way back to her desk.




”Hnnnnggg… c’mon…!”

Subaru’s hands trembled, red from exertion as she pulled as hard as she could. For some reason, her jeans button just… wouldn’t… close!


After the sporty girl sucked her stomach in to make some room and with a final, strong yank, the button slid into place and held tightly against the fabric around it. It’d been a bit of ordeal, but she’d finally managed to get the blasted thing fastened. She let out a deep sigh and relaxed her muscles…


A loud sound assaulted Subaru’s ears, and an instant afterwards, a sudden relief replaced the tight, compressing feeling that’d been assaulting her abdomen. Looking forward, her wall mirror now sported an ugly dent… and her pants button lay disfigured on the floor below it.

She really didn’t want to entertain the thought, but… her condition was getting a little hard to ignore at this point. Slowly and reluctantly, she began trudging towards her bathroom scale.

Since the day she’d resolved to begin dieting about a month ago, she’d been keeping to a basic regimen. To keep herself motivated, she’d decided that she wouldn’t check her weight again until exactly 30 days had passed so she could reveal to her chat live exactly how successful she’d been.

28 days in, however, reality was beginning to crash down on her.

Something… had clearly gone wrong somewhere. Subaru wasn’t sure exactly where her weight was at right now, but one thing was clear at least: she had definitely not *lost* any weight. In fact, putting it terms of how much she’d lost was grossly sugarcoating it. There was no mincing words at this point; she’d gotten even fatter in the time since, and there was no chance she’d be able to give a proud report to her Subatomo in two days. She realized her vow of abstinence held little meaning at this point, and so she figured she may as well confirm the damage.

Nervously stepping onto the scale while still wearing her destroyed jeans, Subaru turned her neck downwards only to realize in shock that she couldn’t see the number being displayed.

Partially blocking her line of sight was a bulging roll of her own, white gut, spilling out from the gap in her pants.

Face burning red, she sucked her stomach in and leaned slightly forward to get a look at how much blubber had been packed onto her frame. As much as she dreaded the result, she needed to know so she could figure out what to say to her fans in a few days. The small, red needle of the device pointed at the miserable truth:

73 kilos

Subaru gasped. She’d been vaguely aware that she’d gained weight, but… but THIS much? That was an average of over half a kilo a day since she’d started dieting! How could this be? Forget slimming down; her rate of fattening up had *increased* by leaps and bounds since she’s started her regimen!

Was… was she doing something wrong…?

Shamefully walking back to her damaged mirror, the chubby girl struggled her overburdened clothes off her body before steeling her mind and taking a deep look at her naked reflection.

In the past, she’d been able to get away with ignoring the small amount of pudge layering her frame provided clothing was covering it, but she’d be hard-pressed to get away with that now. Fat had moved past her belly and rump and settled all over her body. When she lifted her arms, small bingo wings jiggled below her muscle, and when she let them rest at her side, the fat bulged outwards at her armpits at it squished against the chub lining her sides. All the extra skin contact had been keeping her a lot warmer lately, so she’d taken to wearing lighter and less clothes in the house.

Turning to her side for a moment, she winced at the appearance of her backside. The physique she’d grown accustomed to looking at for most of her life was lithe and flat, but the girl looking back at her from the mirror had a distinct curve to her rear. The blubbery mounds of flesh extended outwards several inches from her back and tapered downwards into nearly as thick thighs. There was enough of a crease between her ass and legs that she could grab and lift the whole shelf of meat a few centimeters before letting it go and watching it wobble as it settled back into place.

The biggest offender, however, was the thing that’s drawn her attention the moment she’d disrobed. She’d been dreading giving it its due attention, but now, it was the only thing left to examine.

Her thick, rolled belly.

It was surreal seeing this creamy slab of meat enveloping her once-slim torso. The pudgy mass went beyond merely settling a bit at the bottom of her frame and actually expanded it quite a bit in all directions. That’s not to say it wasn’t still bottom-heavy though; her abdomen now consisted of a slightly chubby upper roll and a massive lower paunch that poofed outwards like a muffin and extended around her sides. It was thick enough to get a solid handful of up to her palms and shake the whole mass up and down.

Moving one of her hands slightly to the side, she slid her finger into the warm, deep crease adorning her center. Her bellybutton had gone from a button-like bead to a soft slit several inches wide where the mass of fat above it folded down over her bottommost roll. She couldn’t even see inside it anymore.

She really had… gotten fat, huh?

No matter how she thought about it, she couldn’t understand. She’d been following loads of diet and exercise tips she’d found online and had made sure to stay consistent so what could have gone wrong? Had she been lied to?

Unable to quickly find an answer, she decided to make a quick salad and go to bed. Come what may, she’d have to report to her fans in a couple days. She’d just have to bite the bullet and tell them the truth; perhaps they’d have some advice.

Hopefully they’d still like her at this size…




”Hahaha, right, right? So anyways, my last topic for today is… *urk*…”

She’d been trying to push it out of her mind all morning, but the time had finally come. The final topic she’d listed for today’s *Good Morning Subaru* was… her weight. She paused for several seconds, reluctant to continue, but a handful of “You okay?” and “Don’t run away!” messages starting to pop up shook her out of her stupor. If she put this off, they’d hound her over it

”Ah… so you guys remember a month ago, when I said I’d start a diet? Ahaha… sorry, I kinda broke my promise not to check my weight, because…”

Bracing herself, she clicked to insert the next visual on her screen: a large banner reading “Diet: Huge Failure!!!” and a cartoon image of a rolled belly that looked distressingly similar to the one she was now sporting herself.

”It was a huge failure! I didn’t lose any weight at all! …In fact, I gained a whole bunch! Hehehe… heh… haaahh…”

Letting out a nervous chuckle, she felt her chest begin to tighten as chat was flooded with “!?”s, “草”s, and “I knew it www”s. The lattermost type really irked her somewhat. Surely it was just people joking around… right? They hadn’t really suspected that she’d been screwing up so badly, had they? Could they tell just from things she’d said in the last month’s worth of streams?

Eventually messages started popping up asking her to spill the exact damage, and so she decided to just hurry up and rip the band-aid off.

”Ah… I’m really, *really* not proud of this, but I guess I promised you a weigh-in, so here I go!”

Stepping a few feet away from her workstation, she mounted her scale, ready to report a solid 73 or perhaps 72 to her fans. She’d doubled her dieting efforts in the last couple days, so she figured she must’ve lost at least a little bit.


Frozen in place for a bit, she looked at the number on the dial and then back to chat, which was in an uproar of jokes and predictions. Biting her lip, she returned to the computer.

”Subaru… is now 75 kilos! Ahaha… sorry for letting you guys down…”

If chat had been moving fast before, it had exploded into a flurry of activity now. So many messages were popping by a second that she could hardly make out anything anyone was saying. Superchats were flying, her viewcount was going up, people were arguing with each other and making jokes and asking her what happened and teasing her. She hadn’t seen this level of activity since she beat Sans. Even the people that had been smugly acting like they’d foreseen this a moment ago were in shock.

”Th-That’s ridiculous, right? It’s way more than just a little quarantine weight. I’m chubby now. I don’t really know to say, I guess. I’m not really sure what went wrong…”

Letting chat slow for a moment, she witnessed several people only now realizing she wasn’t joking and several others asking for the specifics of her diet. A distressingly large third group was making “stuffed duck” jokes. She decided to go over her strategy point by point and see if they could help.

”S-So, first off, I stopped eating unhealthy stuff. No more microwaved meals except for midnight snacks. Now, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and post-workout meals are all salad.”

Already, she could see a wave of “え?”s and “ん?”s. Had she really *already* made a mistake? Nervously pausing for a second, she saw several comments asking “Midnight snack?” and several others along the lines of “Eh? Only salad? www” or “Hm? Four meals?”. Frowning, she caught another one asking about the exact contents of her dishes.

”M-My meals? Well, I said I only have salads now, right? I wash some lettuce, chop it up in a bowl, add some cheese, sliced chicken, noodles, and Italian dressing for flavor, and then wash it down with milk or fruit juice for the healthy nutrients. Ah, and sometimes after my morning exercises, if I feel like I burned a lot of calories, I have one of those tiny packaged brownies filled with protein as a healthy snack.”

Once again, a storm of replies, and all talking about completely different things. Subaru could scarcely tell the jokes apart from the advice. After about five minutes of unsuccessfully trying to calm them down by telling them about her daily fifteen minute calisthenics regime and how she’d halved the volume of her brunch and evening snacks, she only succeeded in getting them even more riled up. At this point, she was fairly sure they were just caught up the mood and messing with her. She decided to cut things a little short.

”Well, thanks for all the worry, guys, but I’m pretty confident in my strategy. I’ll tweak my plan a bit and let you know if I see any results in a couple weeks. With that, I’ll see you for the SMOK stream later today! Otsubaru!!!”

Stepping away from her computer and munching on a chocolate covered granola bar as she scratched her tummy and headed to the kitchen to make her morning salad, she failed to notice the torrent of listeners in shocked disbelief telling her not to run away. Most of them had been giving sound advice, so why had she ignored them?

Subaru chugged down a hearty quarter liter of whole milk straight from the carton as she got to work preparing today’s chicken. That many different suggestions? They must have just been trolling her.

There was no way she’d left open *that* many opportunities to get tsukkomi’d.




*crunch* *gulp* *mmpphhff*

”Ah… this one’s made for bodybuilders…”

*ulp* *ulp* *ulp*… *URRP*

”Really oughta… help me get in shape…”

Subaru swiped her finger along her tablet, stopping every once in a while to tap it a few times. She was using an online shopping app to order next week’s groceries. Or well, that was what she was telling herself, at least. These days, she more often than not ended up ordering every half week or so.

The damned food never seemed to last the full seven days.

As she loaded up on goodies, she was relaxing slumped into a large bean bag propped against the wall. She’d started out sitting upright, but as her muscles had tired and her stomach had grown fuller from the heavy protein shakes and ranch-drenched celery sticks next to her, her soft butt had slipped further and further forward, and now she was practically flat on her back. Any regular person at this point would likely be annoyed by the sharp viewing angle of their device and sit back up, but Subaru hardly noticed a difference.

After all, even laying back like this, there was still a large, fleshy prop to lean it against.

”And these mini muffins are full ‘a carbs… If I have them after that spaghetti pack I got… *huff*… I’ll probably have a lot of energy for my workout the next morning!”

With that cheery bit of optimistic logic, Subaru comfortably ordered three 8-pack boxes of chocolate chip mini muffins with zero hesitation. Her mouth watered at the taste while her brain buzzed in self-praise for another good purchase. She took another hearty swig of vanilla shake to commemorate it.

She’d grown quite fond of these little “life hacks” recently. After having it multiple times a day for nearly a month, salad had gotten old, fast. She’d decided to look into more flavorful alternatives, and confirmation bias, lack of technical knowledge, and impulsiveness had quickly started to corrupt her diet. An article on the third page of Google talking about a “healthy” chili dense with steak? That was dinner for the next three days. Didn’t taste so good? Load it up with shredded cheese and sour cream, because after all, dairy was healthy, right? Portion made to serve four for half a week? Casually sip at it over the course of a few hours in the evening while playing a horror game, and suddenly the whole thing’s been gulped down in one sitting.

Little binges and gaps in common sense like this compounded over the days and weeks, and very quickly, blubber began to compound on her waistline as a result. With every centimeter padding her hips and with every delicious, “technically healthy” meal slipping through her eager lips, her standards had gotten lower and lower, and now, three months into her “diet”, her daily meal plan was embarrassingly childish. Shopping trips consisted of 30% ingredients for poorly researched recipes to fill out her shopping list mixed with 70% impulse buys based on things that “looked healthy”, or “would be a good reward after a hard workout”, or “she could afford to indulge in for once since she’s been eating well lately”.

The result was a house filled with prepackaged fatty foods and snacks, with a smattering of veggies lying around as an excuse to designate whatever dish she tossed a few into as something good for her diet. Truly, she had the pantry of a sweet-toothed five-year-old’s dreams.

Exacerbating the problem was her increasingly naïve and lackadaisical stance on exercise. In the early days of the diet, she’d been performing a fifteen minute calisthenics regimen she’d found online twice a day, once after waking up and once before dinner. A few weeks in, however, she’d started to find the evening workouts tedious and decided to nix them in favor of extending the morning exercises by ten minutes.

Then, she’d made the happy rationalization that burning more energy in one sitting meant she needed more food both immediately afterwards and the night before, with a net result of upping her food intake by nearly a third. Worse, her armchair-sports-physician knowledge told her that loading up on carbs was the way to get the most out of her workouts, and so she’d begun stuffing herself with grains right before bed.

Finally, although lengthening her workouts made them more effective on paper, in practice, she ended up doing about the same amount of work anyways and lazing around between sets to waste time her breakfast alarm went off. With no specific quantitative goal for her sets and no one to reprimand her, her numbers and drive faded by the day until practically all she was doing were some halfhearted curl-ups, a failed plank or two, and a whole lot of lying still on the ground. Of course, after those lazy displays, there was always a hearty plate of breakfast sausages ready for her to pat herself on the back with.

The effects on her figure… were not pretty.

”Hnnnnngghh…! Gotta… get to the PC…!”

Struggling to ignore the voice in her head telling her how comfy laying back on this bean bag was, Subaru began the laborious effort hefting her bulk to a standing position. Frankly, even sitting up was getting a little tough these days what with her white drape of abdomen pressing against her thighs as she bent forward. After a few failed attempts to get back on her butt, she realized she’d have to grab ahold of a nearby desk leg to prop herself up. Unwilling to leave the rest of her snack on the floor, she chugged the remainder of her shake in one, long gulp and shoved several energy bars into her mouth to free up a hand before climbing to a stand.

Lumbering over to her computer, the tomboyish streamer cheerfully munched on five servings worth of peanut butter chocolate flavored protein supplements. On her way over, she passed her trusty wall mirror, which sadly hadn’t gotten much use lately. Having decided that looking at her reflection every morning wasn’t doing her confidence much good, she’d covered it with a sheet, resolving to leave it covered until she was back in shape, which was surely only a matter of time in coming as long as she kept eating well! This combined with a healthy dose of denial and an absolute refusal to size up her clothes helped cement in her mind a distorted perception of her physique as merely “slightly chubby”.

This stubbornness was likely for the best at this point, however, because if she had seen herself in her entirety, she frankly might have had a heart attack.

She hadn’t worn her jacket in a couple weeks, having been having trouble getting her arms through it lately, and her sports outfit had been getting awfully tight as well. This left her with only her gray, button-up crop top and suspender-raised shorts as a viable option for looking decent… though “decent” was a very optimistic interpretation of her current state of dress. She looked more like an overstuffed duck bursting out of a tupperware container than a classy JK ready to go out on the town.

All but one, desperately struggling button on her top was left unbuttoned. The poor fastenings couldn’t keep up with the always increasing pressure of the upper gut roll she’d been developing, and so now, most of the fabric rested limply on top of a practically uncovered belly. In fact, the only other things giving it any coverage at all were the thinly-stretched suspenders pressing into her bulging flesh.

To be frank, this all had the net effect of making her look even lewder than she would be if naked. Struggling against the straps compressing it, the barrel of adipose swelling out from her torso was split into three vertical rolls, causing her sides to puff outwards into an exaggerated muffin top and extending the front-center apron of chub several inches in front of her. It practically looked as if she were intentionally displaying her belly button for the world to gawk at. Worse, the aforementioned button issue caused a generous helping of underboob to be visible, and rolls of armpit flab were bunched up against her undersized sleeve holes.

Not to be outdone, her lower half had managed to find its own ways to destroy her wardrobe. Her leggings had gotten harder and harder to stretch up her plump calves by the day, and at this point, they hardly reached past her knees and were fraying all over at the top. Looking a little further up, despite her shorts having been designed to freely dangle around her legs like a pseudo-skirt, her trunklike thighs now totally filled and even slightly stretched the leg holes. The floaty, idol-esque appeal of the outfit was completely gone, replaced with the look of a fatass only a few desserts short of bursting free of her confines.

Speaking of fat asses and bursting free, Subaru’s was on the verge of doing just that. Her shorts barely able to contain her thickened legs at her front side, they were on their last legs at the back. Bulging, creamy flesh was spilling out of both the tight confines of the shorts’ leg holes and the waistline above, leaving a tight wedgie pushing into the wide region inbetween. A deep expanse of butt cleavage wobbled about with each heavy step she took, threatening to slide the garment off every few jiggles and expose the full glory of her backside. She found herself constantly reaching back to pull the thing back up and keep herself decent these days. At first, it’d annoyed her, but after doing it for so long, she’d gotten used to the motion and filtered it from her awareness.

Much like she had to many other inconvenient truths recently.

Settling her sweaty butt into her creaking swivel chair, Subaru filed a deep dish of nachos (cheese and corn! healthy!) into her mouth with one hand while her other slowly started up her streaming layout. She was actually already five minutes late, but, oh, how these nachos tasted so good! She didn’t wanna waste a second without some sliding down her throat until they were all in her belly~♪ Besides, it wouldn’t hurt the fans to wait a bit every once in a while; it’d probably, y’know, build hype for when she finally showed up!

Clicking a few more times, she saw her model appear on the stream playback in front of the title screen for “Sausage Legend” in a window next to her chat. And… seriously!? The trolls were already at it this early today? The bloated girl opened up a small carton of chocolate milk to wash down the cheese with as her eyes scanned over what people were saying.


”finally managed to get off your ass today? www”

”what’s for third dinner tonight, Shublubber?”

”model looks malnourished, size up when?”

”$100 ~~~ will u be my feedieee?????//”

Subaru clicked her tongue between bites of the microwaved chicken tenders that she’d begun munching on in the interim. She’d been seeing a lot of comments like this lately, making weird quips about her weight and eating habits. Honestly, she couldn’t imagine where this weird trend had started. She was still the picture of health and getting fitter every day, but they just wouldn’t seem to cut it out no matter how much she reassured them or told them about her diet! At this point, she figured it was just an in-joke that’d she’d have to accept from now on, like her being associated with ducks. She’d grown comfortable with that weird little trend after a few months, so who knew? Maybe she’d be cracking jokes about being a lardbag in a few more.

Not that she was actually overweight, of course.

”Chiwaaaaasu!!! Hololive 2nd Gen, Oozora Subaru here! Today is the long awaited… *URRRP*… fifteenth Sausage Legend Tournameeeeennnnttt!!! Here, lemme set up this… *mmpph*…”

Letting out a wet belch mid-sentence, she shoved another tender in her mouth as she began to set up the room. Chat flooded with “ゲップ助かる”s, more than used to her habit of making some extra room. At first, when burps, gulps, and chewing sounds had started to interject into her speaking, there’d been a wave of backlash, but after a few weeks of her not only completely ignoring it, but actually upping her rate of consumption on-stream, people had started to turn her little noises into amusements to comment on and joke about. More recently, her general gluttony had even started to attract some people with… interesting tastes. Fortunately, she was too blind to her community’s perception of her to notice whenever they directed creepy comments her way.

”Alright, today we’re going with the electric sausage. Prepare to go down ‘Duck Stuffer DX’-san! Ah, but lemme go microwave some mozzarella sticks real quick first. I gotta… *ulp* *ulp* *haaahh*… load up on nutrients for tomorrow morning’s workout.”

Chugging the rest of her milk, Subaru slowly hefted herself up to start what would end up being trip one of seven to her kitchen in the middle of this stream. Each and every time, she brought back a moderately-sized dish, convinced it would last her the rest of the stream only to shovel it down in mere minutes. None of the cheap snack foods or appetizers felt very filling, but they were all delicious enough to keep her wanting more, and her focus on the game kept her thoughts away from how full she was starting to feel.

Coming back from trip number seven almost two hours later, Subaru found chat betting on how long she’d be gone and whether she’d go back for more. With her trips growing more frequent in the latter half of the stream, at this point, she’d spent more time AFK preparing food than actually playing the game and chatting with her fans. Having prepared a whole salisbury steak microwaved dinner this time, she lethargically dropped into her whining chair, confident once more that this would tide her over ‘til the end of the session.

She might have finally been a little too correct, though.

Gut stuffed full to bursting from more cheap food than a family of six could stomach, she felt herself starting to drift into a food coma. That didn’t stop her from slowly lifting bite after bite of gravy-soaked meat towards her lips, though. Her belly felt tight almost to the point of pain, but it also felt somewhat… pleasurable? The sensation was so intoxicating that her focus on the stream gradually slipped away, and all of her fading consciousness intently directed itself towards making sure every bite of that steak ended up digesting in her gut.

As chat flew by at mach speed asking concerned questions and suggesting she go to bed, Subaru couldn’t think of anything but how warm and full her abdomen felt. Settling limply back into her chair and letting her face relax into a dumb, blushing grin, she let a monstrous—


—before slipping into a peaceful sleep, dreaming of a feast of fried foods and cheesecakes that she’d been abstaining from thanks to her diet. Letting out some childlike chuckles and a thin stream of drool at the fairytale land of savory food in her imagination, she passed out in bliss live on stream.

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