Sven Co-op Server Asset Pack v14.1

What's included:
Popular campaigns and maps
Player models
Server sounds
Assets for Server Scripts, such as weapon packs


Please download and install the pack if it's you're first time joining or you haven't installed a pack since v13.

Put these two folders into your base Sven Co-op folder, overwriting anything it asks.
...\steamapps\common\Sven Co-op

If you try connecting and it starts making you download a large amount of files, something went wrong with your install.  

===== Tips & Tricks =====
While the above pack and Sven is all you need to have a great time in the game, the following advice will further augment and enhance the cooperative experience.

>>I'm completely new to goldSrc games, let alone Sven Co-op. What is going on?<<
Sven co-op is a Cooperative first person shooter set in the goldSrc engine of the late 90s. This means controls and graphics are pretty simple, if you've played an FPS before, you should be fine.
Other than playing through Half-Life cooperatively, Sven Co-op has amassed hundreds of community made maps that add huge amounts of playtime, and is primarily these custom maps we play through.
Most maps are some sort of linear combat experience, where we as a team fight from one end to the other. Sometimes there are puzzles involved, sometimes there's even a plot! Don't think too hard, and if you're lost, just hang around spawn until someone respawns, and follow them to the action. Or just ask, we're happy to help.

Other important first time tips:
Z to call for medic
Press and hold right click with your medkit to revive a friend

>>Custom Sprays<<
While there are many methods and tutorials to making custom sprays, the simplest I've found is using HL TagConverter and following these instructions:
Make sure you right click > Properties > Read Only BOTH tempdecal and pldecal .wad files.

>>Keybinds and Commands<<
Did you know you can set custom keybinds to quickly play chatsounds or change playermodels?
For example, going down the available keypad binds found in this guide
You can use a console command to set
bind "kp_enter" "say thanks"
to with the press of one button audibly thank your teammates for a revive. As long as it's in the .listsounds, bind whatever key you'd like to a "say XXX" command and it will instantly play that audio for you.

Or if you want to quickly switch models to an hgrunt by pressing * on your keypad,
bind "kp_mul" "model hgrunt"
or some T45 Power armor (assuming you have the above asset pack installed):
bind "kp_minus" "model GS_T45d_Bos"

Speaking of keybinds,

>>NPC Interaction Commands<<
In Options>Keyboard>NPC INTERACTION, there is a command to tell an NPC you've interacted with to move to a position.
Many maps deal with friendly NPCs, and having the Move to position command bound to a key can save minutes of frustration of getting an NPC to go where you'd like.
I don't believe it's bound by default, so find what key works best for you.

>>Mission/Map Briefings<<
When starting any map, it's easy to quickly click past the initial two screens, but I find taking the 30 seconds to read the quick mission briefing can add a lot of context to most maps.
Because without any context, Sven can often turn into a "run down a hall and shoot grunts/aliens, and get stuck in vents" simulator.
The mission briefings can also give hints on some of the more abstract maps. Give it a read!

>>Melee Moving<<
If a player has gone afk in a particularly narrow spot, you can move other players by hitting them with a crowbar and moving backwards, dragging them with you.

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