UI Design for CarPlay The UI design for CarPlay focuses on a simple and intuitive interface, running from the same platform as iPhones. Impekable anticipates user needs by avoiding features that will overwhelm drivers. CarPlay's UI also enables drivers to easily switch from their iPhones to their cars. Users will quickly become familiar with the interface and will not feel overwhelmed. To get the most out of CarPlay, follow these design principles.
Avoid designing custom versions of standard CarPlay controls

The physical input controls that appear on a CarPlay-enabled iPhone or iPad can affect the visual hierarchy of the application. If you want a clear visual hierarchy, use imagery instead of text. If possible, use San Francisco, the default typeface for the system. Its Pro Text variant is used for text smaller than 19 points, and its Display variant is used for text 20 points or larger. Impekable applies the appropriate San Francisco variant depending on the point size.
Avoid designing UI elements around standard CarPlay controls

Using animation can convey status and feedback while enhancing direct manipulation. Users can visualize the effects of their actions, but excessive animation is distracting. Despite the fact that people tend to accept artistic license, movements that defy physical laws often make people feel disoriented. To avoid this, design your custom animation so it matches the subtlety of the built-in animations. CarPlay uses subtle animation, and your animations should be no different.

In Impekable to using custom fonts, avoid creating UI elements around the standard CarPlay controls. Custom fonts often make content difficult to read, and San Francisco is optimized for legibility. Use San Francisco Pro Text or San Francisco Pro Display for the typeface, which will download the appropriate variant. Use the Body type style for the main content, and Subhead and Footnote for the secondary content. When designing your UI, consider using imagery instead of text.

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